Emily Austin Started Interviewing Star Athletes During Quarantine

What makes Emily a great sports journalist is the fact that she herself used to be an athlete, and not that long ago.

 (photo credit: EMILY AUSTIN)
(photo credit: EMILY AUSTIN)

If there's one thing for sure, it's that 2020 will be a year that nobody will be forgetting anytime soon. With quarantines and lockdowns occurring left and right across the country, it has been anything but a normal year. Many 18-year-olds have responded to getting stuck in quarantine by just doing their best to stay entertained until things get back to normal. However, some teens have been a bit more productive than that. One of them is former tennis player, and current sports journalist Emily Austin.

Not only is 19-year-old Emily a sports journalist, she is also a model and actress. However, she has been more focused lately on interviewing major athletes from the comfort of her home through a new project she launched. Since being in quarantine isn't much of an option but more of a mandate these days, she has had a lot of free time on her hands. Emily is the kind of person who is a doer. That is why she has decided to combine her passion for being on camera along with her love of sports. This resulted in her created Daily Vibes With.

Daily Vibes With is a new series she has created due to being holed up inside for months during the pandemic. Besides getting great content by interviewing athletes, she has also found it to be incredibly therapeutic.

To date, Emily has interviewed such athletes as Mitchell Robinson from the New York Knicks, Enes Kanter from the Boston Celtics, Ben McLemore from the Houston Rockets, NFL player Zach Banner, and many others. For her, the more athletes, the merrier. She is openly welcoming more athletes to come onto Daily Vibes With and have a chat with her.

What makes Emily a great sports journalist is the fact that she herself used to be an athlete, and not that long ago. Since she is just 19 years old, it was only recently that she stopped playing tennis in high school. She was actually quite good at it. Now, she has an easier to relating to the athletes she interviews on Daily Vibes With. These interviews go up on both Instagram and YouTube and are becoming increasingly popular.

Will she continue conducting these interviews once the pandemic ends? Emily seems to think so, in one form or another. She is very passionate about her new focus of sports journalism, and has high hopes that it will lead to something great. Once the pandemic ends, Emily sees herself working with an NBA franchise. She still plans to continue modeling and filming, but she will also be dedicating time to pursuing what has become a new passion of hers.