Entain’s advanced safer gambling standard rubber stamped by GamCare

Entain has made significant strides to boost its responsible gambling initiatives and the same has been recognized by UK charity GamCare.

  (photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

Entain's industry-leading approach to safer gambling has earned recognition from independent UK charity GamCare. The gambling giant has been awarded the Advanced Safer Gambling Standard for its efforts in promoting player protection and social responsibility across its UK operations. 

Entain Receives Advanced Level 3 Standard

All gambling operators in the country are required to put in place safer gambling measures as part of their licensing conditions. The Safer Gambling Standard accreditation scheme, managed by GamCare, recognizes gambling businesses that comply with and go beyond the requirements of the industry Codes of Practice in connection with their player protection measures and initiatives. 

Owing to the provider’s UK-focused player protection and promotion of responsible gambling, GamCare felt that this prestigious standard was well-warranted and deserved. No doubt, even without this great title, Entain was already a force to be reckoned with when compared to other no deposit casinos in the UK as well as other jurisdictions across the globe.

The Standard is awarded in four levels, from Base Level to Advanced Level 3. Entain's online operations received the highest level of Standard, (Advanced Level 3), making it the largest UK operator so far to obtain the award. The company was also awarded Advanced Level 2 for its land-based activities.

Entain underwent assessment in 10 areas and was also evaluated based on up to 58 separate criteria. During the process, Entain's gambling policies and procedures, as well as its systems and controls were reviewed by an expert panel who also carried out on-site visits.   

Safer Gambling at the Forefront of Entain's Business

Being classified as a Level 3 business, Entain is implementing well-developed safer gambling assurance processes, and also gives back at least 0.5% of its annual Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) to organizations working on the prevention and treatment of gambling-related harm.

In 2021, Entain made huge contributions to safer gambling, as indicated in its annual report published in March. The operator is also among the top 3 biggest donors for 2021/22 to GambleAware, an independent charity involved in the prevention and treatment of gambling-related harms. The other two are William Hill and Flutter.

The Advanced standard also shows that Entain has done more to put safer gambling at the forefront of its business, though the company also acknowledges that there's still room for improvement in terms of its player protection measures. 

Head of Industry Standards at GamCare Dan Whitlam said Entain has gone beyond the requirements and conditions of its gambling licence by putting in place a wide range of safer gambling measures across both its online and land-based operations.  

Robert Hoskin, Entain's Chief Governance Officer, said they take pride in being awarded the highest Safer Gambling accreditation by GamCare, noting that responsible betting and gaming is a crucial area of their business operations. 

Hoskin also added that sustainability and responsible gambling are at the core of their strategy and policies and that they remain committed to providing their online and land-based customers with the safest and most trusted environment to play. In the longer term, the company is keen on continuing to be an industry leader in adopting the highest standards of social responsibility. 

Entain's Latest Safer Gambling Initiatives

Entain is notable for its award-winning safer gambling strategy, Changing for the Bettor, where the company takes a comprehensive approach to protecting its customers, pouring massive investments into research, education, and treatment. 

In 2021, Entain also rolled out its state-of-the-art Advanced Responsibility and Care (ARC) program, a preventative approach to player protection. This pioneering program, which uses analytics and data science and is tailored for each player, aims to provide unprecedented safeguards to customers of Entain's gaming and sports betting brands. 

ARC helps identify customers potentially at risk of gambling-related harms using new markers, including additional checks on changes in stake levels, as well as signs that a customer could be chasing losses. Initial trials of the program have shown positive results and Entain is keen on sharing its ARC expertise with other operators in and outside of the UK.

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