Entrepreneur and Business Coach Luke Anderson Teaches Others How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire

Some of the first moneymaking ventures Luke went after were the buying and selling of cars and DJing at local house parties.

 (photo credit: LUKE ANDERSON)
(photo credit: LUKE ANDERSON)
Luke Anderson has seen quite a bit of success in his 31 years. He had created, and been personally involved in, over 40 businesses, all by the time he was 30. Even the failures among those helped Luke perfect strategies that would lead him to become the self-made millionaire that he is today. Even though he got a very early start as an entrepreneur, he now teachers others how to accelerate their own entrepreneurial growth to also become self-made successes.

As someone who is considered to be an expert in developing a successful business, Luke has been traveling all over the world to deliver his business guidance, investment advice, and growth strategies. Above all else, what Luke loves to do these days is to help others achieve their own success. This is where his passion meets his purpse.

Ever since he was very young, Luke has had a strong work ethic. He wasn't one to shy away from being a doer. This has helped him throughout his life path and led to many successes. Luke was also a skilled negotiator since persuading authorities to allow him to just attend high school three times a week, while working at a retail store for the rest.

Some of the first moneymaking ventures Luke went after were the buying and selling of cars and DJing at local house parties. He especially became passionate about music, and took things further with DJing, where he eventually ended up being a regular at a local night club. Luke would perform gigs at local events, nightclubs, and weddings under his DJ name LA Walker.

In 2008, Luke had achieved such success that he became the director at L.A. Entertainment and Production Inc. Two years later, he even became the director of the pop-rock group Scissor Sisters. Not too far after that, Luke would come across a golden opportunity. One of the local night clubs he would hire out DJs to went up for sale. Seeing a lucrative opportunity on the horizon, Luke, along with some of his friends, bought into it. In a way, he has come full-circle by owning the club he used to DJ at himself.

After that opportunity and success, Luke became emboldened and became a shareholder at several clubs, including Mama Africa Nightclub, Cartel Nightclub, Wilson’s Care, and others. His love of music ended up translating into a lucrative venture for him.

Music wasn’t the only industry he set his sights on, but it was his greatest passion. Today, one of the things Luke teaches other aspiring entrepreneurs is that passion helps fuel motivation. Luke has helped countless budding entrepreneurs get out of a place where they felt stuck and helped launch their businesses. He actively invites people to “join the hustle” and unlock the incredible success that is within their reach.