Entrepreneur Hasan Marafi's take on stock trading compared to gambling

  (photo credit: Hasan Marafi)
(photo credit: Hasan Marafi)

Not everyone can earn big tickets and live a luxurious life through stock trading. But many experts and top-notch traders have achieved success in the financial realm by making smart investments. Hasan Marafi is one such influential name who has established himself in the world of finance and the stock market. Patience, timing and luck make a perfect amalgamation for any individual to succeed in this field, and it seems that everything has worked in the favour of Mr. Marafi. 

An entrepreneur, derivative trader and a mentor by profession, Hasan believes that consistency in trading is perhaps one of the few factors to becoming successful. Trading derivatives since the age of 18, Hasan Marafi was never pleased with the concept of the monotonous 9 to 5 work life. To be a boss of his own, he equipped knowledge about stock trading which eventually helped him become financially independent.

In the wise words of Mr. Marafi, “Choose a profession that you love, and you’ll never get bored of it.” Zeroing down on becoming a stock and derivative trader at 18 was probably the best decision made by Hasan. In an exemplary career of 7 years, the 25-year old entrepreneur has mentored more than a thousand students about earning a steady income through trading derivatives. However, many people have a notion that trading is all about gambling

When asked about the same, Hasan stated that this is a misnomer for many people. “If you see, life is all about risks. In trading, when we manage our risks and take high-quality setups, we minimise our losses through discipline. All successful traders practice risk management regularly as nobody wants to incur losses by investing in the wrong stocks. As a trader, I aim to make money while limiting the risk, and it is totally the opposite of gambling”, revealed Hasan. Adding to it, Hasan said that the level of risk depends from person to person. 

A businessman with greater capital value takes higher risks and vice-versa. Taking his profession to a new level, Hasan Marafi incorporated RippyGod Capital LLC, an ultimate podium where he teaches rookie traders the tactics of trading in his unique style, which he calls ‘the rippy way’. In his successful run as a trader, Mr. Marafi has had his fair share of highs and lows. He believes that trading should be done logically keeping emotions aside. Speaking about it for all the budding traders, Hasan stated that the quality of being greedy should be avoided to be successful in the long run.

In a time when technological advancements are happening radically, the derivative trader has ensured to have an edge over his contemporaries in the market. Not to forget, Hasan Marafi is not only a household name among retail traders, but he has also raced ahead with his live trading sessions on social media. While he trades daily, the young and dynamic trader records his sessions to encourage all the aspiring traders to start investing in stocks and the financial market.  

Apart from this, Hasan Marafi started a community platform for traders called Rippy Global where he gives his expert opinion about stock and derivative trading. This one-of-a-kind platform even helps the traders get watchlists and technical analysis inside the Rippy Global Discord Community. As of now, Hasan Marafi's company is working towards introducing a new financial technology that will upgrade Level II and smart money orders through quantitative advantage. Intending to take his venture on a global scale, Hasan Marafi is leaving no stone unturned and is educating all those who want to become the next big thing in the financial world.

The article was written in cooperation with Hasan Marafi