Entrepreneur, Influencer , Boss Lady - Erika Aguilar

 (photo credit: ERIKA AGUILAR)
(photo credit: ERIKA AGUILAR)

“Nothing will work unless you do.”

Entrepreneurship doesn’t differentiate between men and women. It only works for those who work for it and here is the story of women who struggled by doing a layman job for so many years and finally got to work what she loved.

A look back at Erika’s life

She grew up in a small-town Wasco CA, a dropout, struggled with the life for 6 years by started working at an egg packaging plant, packing eggs, it was heavy labour physically and mentally and even emotionally. she never really had a weekend off, she truly disliked packing eggs, but she wasn’t a quitter because she always had her parents to support her. Her parents are originally from Michoacán Mexico. She was truly inspired by her parents who taught her not to quit in any circumstance, that’s what kept her going.

Her inspiration for being an entrepreneur

Erika always aspired more and at the age of 25, she realized to do something huge. Her decision of Going from working at the egg packaging plant to becoming an entrepreneur was influenced by YouTube. She found a world of beauty, makeup, fashion and lifestyle and she knew that deserves a lifestyle like this. she was amazed by girls just like her growing in that world and travelling enjoying what they did for a living and that inspired her the most. So, she found an opportunity in the insurance industry to build her platform, have a voice and be someone.

Erika explaining her business

They do life insurance, annuities, financial planning, debt settlement and they teach new agents how to become prolific insurance agents. She works hard, personally developing herself, expanding her network and building great relationships with people. She also teaches financial concepts that will help them prepare for the future. She also protects their assets and their family from financial disaster in case an unexpected death or illness were to happen.

Erika’s motivation

She believes that everyone should have that one person in their life which keeps them motivated, be it a mentor, parents, friends. Anyone with whom you can speak your heart out. And when that person inspires or motivates, the courage to do anything in life come automatically. And Erika was having her parents who kept her motivated and never discouraged her and believed her in every aspect of life.

The work profile of the company 

The agency does life insurance, annuities, financial planning, debt settlement. Also, the company teaches people how to become prolific insurance agents. They help people to protect their assets and their family from financial disaster in case an unexpected death or illness were to happen.

To hire the top talent Erika sees the hunger factor, “how badly do you want it” to hire the top talent. “Never forgetting why you got started in the first place and how much it matters to you”, is Erika’s secret to success.

Hardships faced by Erika 

“I went from being a 25-year-old living for the weekend to going 100% focused and dedicated to building my business. Early mornings and late nights weekdays and weekends at the office. Missing family events and holidays”, Erika stated. There were times when Erika and her husband and stayed in different cities building a new agency, sometimes a different state. People whom Erika cared for turned their back on her.

Plans for the PHP Agency

Erika is dedicated to her work and has big visions for the company. “The only way I’ve been doing this far, working hard, personally developing, expanding my network and building great relationships with people”, Erika stated. Erika’s family and her team motivate her to do more and achieve higher.

Things that make Erika different from the industry

 “I’m in a business where being authentic and genuine stands out. I’d say carrying these characteristics and adding work ethic with a hint of competitiveness and desire to win and be number one is what’s helped me create a name for myself. Building a culture and an environment in which others can win and see their dreams and goals be achieved, selfishness has no seat at the table of success. The only way to rise is by helping others rise with you”, Erika said.

For more information: @erika__tco