ENV Media - Seizing opportunities in the Irish-Brazilian iGaming connection

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

In the ever-evolving landscape of the iGaming industry, one company stands out for its innovative approach and strategic expansion plans - ENV Media, the Irish Gambling Research Institute. ENV Media has been making waves in the market, capitalizing on unique opportunities and leveraging its expertise to enter new territories. 

One such opportunity arises from the growing connection between Ireland and Brazil, a bridge that ENV Media is keen to explore.

ENV's Expansion into Brazil

ENV Media's decision to enter the Brazilian iGaming market is well-supported by market research and analysis. The company has referred to a study conducted by KPMG, which projected that the gaming market in Brazil could exceed $2.2 billion annually. This significant growth potential, combined with the cultural affinity for gambling in Brazil, makes it an attractive market for ENV Media's new website called 7JP.com.

By expanding into Brazil, ENV aims to leverage its developed front-end solution and establish partnerships with industry giants like KTO Group. This strategic move not only diversifies their revenue streams but also positions the company as a key player in the rapidly expanding Brazilian iGaming market.

Unlocking Potential - The Synergy of Irish and Brazilian Expertise

The Irish-Brazilian connection has proved to be a fortuitous one for ENV Media. With an increasing number of Brazilians making Ireland their home, the company saw a chance to expand its workforce with individuals possessing diverse skill sets and expertise. Notably, many of these Brazilians come with backgrounds in tech, development, and even journalism, aligning perfectly with ENV's requirements.

Shane Hand, COO at ENV Media says: “My experience of Brazilians in Ireland is very positive, they have a very strong work ethic. The majority of people we interview for our positions speak fluent English and, most importantly, have a background in tech, dev and oftentimes even journalism.” 

Research Papers with Brazilian Focus

Publishing research and analysis on a monthly basis, their research section is filled with academic, transparent and insightful papers about the Indian and Brazilian gambling market.  This is done through primary and secondary data, backed up by surveys performed locally.

Brazilian Gambler Profile – Traits, Motivations, Behavior

Brazil's gaming landscape is under the spotlight as ENV Media delves deep into player profiles, online behavior, and game preferences. 

These are some of the highlights of the Brazilian Gambler Profile research paper:

  • The average age of real-money gamers is 39.24.
  • 61% of players approach iGaming casually and responsibly.
  • Most players play occasionally throughout the year or about once a month.
  • 48% of real-money gamers are motivated by the availability of disposable income.

Unveiling the Brazilian Real-Money Gaming Market

Often considered a dormant powerhouse in the iGaming market, Brazil's potential is now being unveiled by ENV Media. 

These are the main findings of the Unveiling the Brazilian Real-Money Gaming Market research paper:

  • Estimates suggest Brazil spends around BRL 2 billion annually on online casinos and bookmakers abroad, potentially reaching BRL 10 billion.
  • The Brazilian iGaming market in 2017 was around USD 2.2 billion, with 60% from sports betting and 40% from online casinos.
  • Brazil's high internet penetration (81%) and mobile connections make it a significant market for online gaming.

A Promising Future for ENV Media and Brazilians in Ireland

The connection between Ireland and Brazil has proven advantageous for ENV Media, allowing them to expand their workforce with skilled individuals possessing backgrounds in tech, development, and journalism, aligning well with the company's requirements.

ENV’s unique and research-oriented approach, along with their strategic expansion into the Brazilian market, positions them as a potential noteworthy player in the ever-evolving iGaming industry. 

This article was written in cooperation with BAZOOM