Experience Jerusalem's unique spirit in the Jerusalem Spirit neighborhood

 (photo credit: VIEWPOINT)
(photo credit: VIEWPOINT)

Now that Israel is coming to the end of the COVID pandemic - with over four million Israelis having already been vaccinated - this is the time to move to Jerusalem or at least invest in a home here for the chagim and a vacation.  

Be assured, Israel is very safe with regard to COVID and life is returning back to normal - just another reason to make aliyah and join the Jewish journey in our one and only homeland!   

The location of the Jerusalem Spirit is perfect - at the crossroads between the old and new areas of Jerusalem - between the Old City and bustling, colorful town area.  Past, present and future are woven in together in these luxury, custom-designed residential apartments. 

The area is full of contrasts - authentic residential buildings and structures from the Ottoman Empire, juxtaposed with contemporary and sophisticated architecture and design.  

For 2000 years, Jews have been praying to return to Jerusalem and to build their homes near the Har Habayit and Kotel - by choosing to purchase an apartment in the Jerusalem Spirit complex, you will be living the prophetic dream.     

The Jerusalem Spirit will give you a unique, all-encompassing view of one of the world’s most beautiful ancient-modern cities.  From Israel’s highest hills, you will enjoy Israel’s most special panoramic views from the comfort of your own apartment.   

The area where the Jerusalem Spirit is situated - the lively Rabbi Akiva neighborhood - is perfect for both residents and vacationers.   

The street itself is very quiet and a walking distance Jerusalem’s most popular recreation areas - from the Mamilla Mall, Machaneh Yehudah, Independence Park, Sherman Gardens, the Kotel, the Great and Yeshurun synagogues, and the main cultural centers - you will certainly be able to fill your time with top quality educational and cultural events.     

Furthermore, positioned closely to the lively and picturesque Rehavia, Shaarei Chessed and Nachlaot neighborhoods, there are always interesting events on and people to meet - you certainly will not be bored.   

If you are looking for a relaxing evening stroll, the quaint Mishkenot Sheananim neighborhood is on your doorstep - during the summer there are arts and craft fairs and musical performances.  Perfect for a family outing or romantic evening out.  

You will be just minutes away from the bustling Hillel St. and Ben Yehudah St. where you will be able to enjoy Jerusalem's night life, with pubs, bars and clubs open until late. So, if you have children who are teenagers looking to have a fun night out and meet new friends or retired and looking to make the most out of your golden days, you will certainly not be bored.       

In the summer, the bars and pubs are open into the early hours, bursting with both young and old, drinking beer, watching sports on the outside screens and enjoying the warm Mediterranean climate - the atmosphere is electric. So refreshing to experience this sense of togetherness and unity in Jerusalem. 

If it is culture and entertainment you are looking for, then you will be spoilt for choice. From shiurim at synagogues and batei midrash, to lectures and exhibits at Bet Avi Chai, the Begin Center and the Museum of Tolerance. Furthermore, you are just a bus ride from the First Station, the Knesset, the Israel Museum and all of Jerusalem's other landmarks.  

The Jerusalem Spirit is perfect for travelling purposes - near the main train and bus stations. Even though based in Jerusalem, you will be able to tour around Israel very easily.  Just a 45 minute bus ride from Tel Aviv, Israel's heavenly beaches are easily accessible and always an option if you want to have a break from the intensity of Jerusalem life. 

The Jerusalem Spirit neighborhood is unique in Israel - a real melting pot of all the different types and streams of Jews. Religious and secular, Ashkenazi and Sefardi, native Israeli and immigrants - all live together in peace and harmony – a really inspirational example for the rest of Israel.   

Just going for a walk, listening to the variety of prayer services and tunes in the air will be enough to convince you that you are in the center of the Jewish world. You can choose which synagogue you want to pray in and what you feel comfortable with. 

For those wanting to connect with their Jewish heritage and soul, there is no better alternative than Jerusalem. Here, at Jerusalem Spirit, you will enjoy the best luxury Israel has to offer in the eternal capital of the Jewish people.

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