Five reasons to follow Steven McCoy

 (photo credit: STEVEN MCCOY)
(photo credit: STEVEN MCCOY)

Steven McCoy is the host of a hit podcast show on iTunes called, “Sessions with Steven”. It is a unique show about one-on-one talk with renowned global personalities. Steven discusses a broad range of issues on his show, from latest entertainment buzzes to current political issues. He is also nationwide known for his philanthropy works. Here are the five reasons why you should follow Steven McCoy-

1. Steven is Producer as well Host of his show: - Steven McCoy is a multitalented person. He not only produces but also hosts and manages the show “Sessions with Steven” on his own. It is a good example of how anything is possible that you can start with limited resources to becoming someone who is the resource.

2. Steven is a renowned writer: - It is no easy task to become a Writer in not only the entertainment industry but perhaps any industry. Steven is a very well-established writer with years of credentials under his belt and you can learn a lot about writing by following his websites and interviews. Steven’s upcoming book “Sessions with Steven: The Lie I Almost Lived to Get Ahead” will be one of the most authentic and important literature about experiences of life.

3. Steven has been actively trying to bring change in the society: - Steven is an outspoken activist. With him experiencing discrimination in show business, he openly talks about it through his social media as well interviews. According to Steven, It is necessary to talk openly about all the issues (especially discrimination), as only then people in society can work towards solution and begin the process of healing.

4. Steven’s social media work: - In show business one must know which way the wind is flowing, as only then can you succeed. Social media is an essential component of the entertainment industry and Steven just knows exactly how to use the full potential of it. In fact, Steven’s company Spoken Entertainment LLC is specifically known for its online creative contents. There is a lot to learn for beginners.

5. Steven’s persona: - While all the talk about creating your own personality is often clichéd, it is important to have your own unique persona because it is only then you can become a brand yourself. Steven is known for his classy dressing, casual style and at times the guy next door flair which is always according to occasion whether it is a party, an episode of his show or he is just hanging out with friends. Steven can be easily recognized with his bright smile and stylish dressing sense.