For Jose Ardon, taking advantage of opportunity brings success

  (photo credit: Jose Ardon)
(photo credit: Jose Ardon)

Opportunities to be successful don’t come around often. When they do, you have to be willing to take the leap and bet on yourself. Jose Ardon came to America looking for opportunity. When he found it, he grabbed on and never let go.

When Jose was 17, he left his hometown where he lived in poverty to create a new life in the US. He only had $100 to his name, but he had a big dream. He was going to turn his life of poverty into a life of abundance. Jose worked some odd jobs until the opportunity to attend a motivational speaking event for aspiring entrepreneurs would change his life forever. “I remember hearing a story from one of the speakers about how his life was transformed and how he had become a millionaire through direct selling, having the freedom to be his own boss while earning residual income. That same time, I told myself I will become a millionaire, or I will die trying, but I will never give up,” says Jose Ardon.

That personal commitment was a turning point for Jose. He set his first goal of making $120,000 over the next year. When he dominated that goal with ease, he decided to go bigger. He thought to himself, “If my goal of $120,000 was possible, why not $10 million?” So, with determination to fuel him, he earned his first million before age 27 and completed his goal by 30. Jose was on his path to success.

In all he does, Jose stays grounded in his roots. He has gifted his parents a new house and car, and he wants to help others find the same success he has. Jose is repackaging the American Dream into the “Latin Dream,” as he brings his principles of success back to his hometown. “We know that there are always visionary people in the world. However, BE founders are more than committed to their vision. For me, it has been the best vision I have ever come across in my 15 years of experience doing businesses. BE is determined to change the world. It is upright with the commitment and ethics required to make an impact in the world,” says Jose Ardon.

When Jose was a child, he questioned the fundamental differences between the rich and the poor, concluding that all he lacked was knowledge. By seizing the opportunity before him at the motivational speaking event, he gained what he needed to build the life he desired.