Rebecca Mardikes Rose - how to Success in the Fashion Industry

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Rebecca Mardikes is a success story to take note from. She grew up in Kansas City and is now one of the leading fashion models in the country, however, it wasn’t just her appearance that landed her to where she is today. 

From a young age, Mardikes always strived to compete and be the best at what she set her mind to. Sports are often instrumental in showing the steady tenacity of an individual - and Mardikes was always a top athlete in every sport she played. She played soccer for 10 years, and was a nationally recruited high jumper, ranked as the third best recruit in the nation her freshman year of high school. Although success in sports came naturally to her, she chose to pursue academics instead, as her father was a college professor who consistently pushed her to be her best.

Mardikes had unrivaled ambition and intellect, as she started attending the University of Missouri - Kansas City at the tender age of 15, already having 73 hours of college credit by the time she turned 17. She continued to flourish at the University of Missouri - Columbia, and decided that she wanted to pursue a Master's Degree in Journalism. Missouri is known as the best university in the country for those who want to pursue a degree in journalism, and once again Rebecca proved that she was the cream of the crop, graduating on the Dean's List with her Bachelor's and Master's degree when she was only 22 years old. Now that she had amassed numerous accolades at such a young age, Mardikes decided that she wanted to expand on her abilities even more, as this young Midwest talent decided to take her aspirations to big city life in New York City.

Mardikes had a charismatic appeal and intellect that was widely sought after when she was looking for employment, and she quickly landed a job at a top PR agency in NYC. She worked as a fashion publicist for two years, and this served as a launchpad for her current occupation, as one of the country's leading fashion models. 

When working as a fashion publicist, Mardikes created relationships with many prominent industry brands and individuals in the fashion world - she enjoyed her work as a publicist, but she felt something great and exciting was on the horizon.

Mardikes started modeling when she was 18 years old, so diving into the fashion world in the big city came naturally to her. She decided that since she was at the hub of the modeling industry, she would give the industry a try-as failure was something she was not accustomed to. It was no surprise to Mardikes that she would catapult to the top of the industry in a fairly quick amount of time. She is now represented by top modeling agencies, and has had many successful campaigns and partnerships with big brands. Mardikes showcased her talent at notorious events like: Miami Swim Week, Paris Fashion Week, as well as New York Fashion Week. She has worked with some of the top fashion and beauty brands such as: Maybelline, Express, Drunk Elephant, Lucky Brand, Rebecca Minkoff, among many others. She was featured as a model in top fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar. Now that Mardikes is considered a leading fashion model in the industry, there is no stopping this ambitious talent in whichever endeavor she chooses to pursue.

Not many people can rise to the top of an industry like Mardikes, as very few possess the unparalleled work ethic, ambition, talent, and intellect that has been seen in Mardikes’ career. Mardikes wants to give back to the local community that raised her into who she is today, as she is seeking to start a charity for kids that have been the subject of domestic violence. This was always a passion of hers, as she was involved in such charities while in high school as well as with her sorority when in college. Her passion to help children comes from her youth in the midwest, as she was always volunteering in daycare, tutoring, and anything else that revolved around helping children. It is a sure bet that whenever Mardikes decides to go down this road, her charity will likely be one of the most effective in whichever locality she chooses.

Mardikes attributes a lot of her success to her family as her father was always pushing her to go above and beyond academic greatness. 

Mardikes success parallels her fearless nature, as she is a big adrenaline junkie who loves to skydive, jetski, and ride in helicopters. As the saying goes, “The only thing to fear is fear itself”, it is clear that fear is something that is not her dictionary. 

Mardikes has many hobbies and interests outside her successful career, she loves to read, watercolor painting, and is always researching baking recipes for her next stunning creation. Mardikes is well-traveled, as she worked internships in Brussels and London. She is always loyal to her roots, and is a big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs Football team, and other local sports teams.

Rebecca Mardikes is a unique talent, and is a great example of how the combination of ambition, talent, and intellect have limitless potential in this world. She is a great example for aspiring models, and young girls who seek to thrive in the fashion industry.

To learn more about Rebecca Mardikes, or check out her work- visit her Instagram page @RebeccaMardikes

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