From the world championship to the masters: The most prestigious snooker tournaments

  (photo credit: PIXABAY)
(photo credit: PIXABAY)

From the World Championship to the Masters - there are some prestigious snooker tournaments that stayed in history and will never be forgotten by fans all over the globe. Of course, the ‘Triple Crown’ is the ultimate best when it comes to the most popular events in the world of snooker. However, there are some tournaments that are happening besides the Triple Crown and are interesting and worth watching. Snooker is definitely one of the most loved sports in Canada. That’s why many people prefer to bet on that sport, and many good bookmakers, such as Sports interaction Canada, offer this opportunity. 

Let’s start with the most prestigious tournament – the Triple Crown. But why is this tournament so special for snooker fans? Its history begins in 1969 with the World Snooker Championship when the format was changed to the one, we all know today. When we go back in history – there are only 11 players who have ever won the three events. This only shows how difficult it is to achieve that. The events differ from each other, the level of difficulty too, as well as the competitors. The second most essential event in snooker is the Masters. If you are a fan of this sport, you have surely heard of it. Its venue is good, the trophy is astonishing, and of course, the best part is that we are able to watch 16 of the ultimate best players. 

Besides the Triple Crown, there are some other tournaments that deserve attention. The Champion of Champions is one of these, coming in the best part of the season. During this event, we see many champions playing against each other with one main goal – to win the trophy, which honestly is pretty good. One of the most memorable Champion of Champions finales happened in 2013 with the victory of Ronnie O’Sullivan over Stuart Bingham. This event stayed in history and is still being discussed. However, there is one specific thing that many fans do not like – the fact that the invitees look like a lottery, and some of the expected players are not invited. Another tournament that we would like to mention is the China Open, which continues to develop and attract more and more fans. The final of the China Open in 2005 was watched by more than 110 million people, which surely makes it a prestigious event.

The Tour of Championship is a pretty new tournament, and it is maybe a little early to consider it as prestigious, but it definitely deserves some attention, and we loved watching it. The Tour Championship is built of series during which the best of the most popular and skilled players play against each other. The people that are invited are the best 8 ones from the ranking list of the year, and they all have one goal – to win the prize of £150,000. In addition, Ronnie O’Sullivan won back in 2019, and then he also won the Coral Cup and added £100,000 to his prize. But let’s be honest – it is not the prize that makes the Tour of Championship special, it is the achievement and the chance to win the hearts of thousands of snooker fans all around the world.

To conclude, we can say that when it comes to snooker - the Triple Crown is surely the most exciting event. It offers great experience, and a chance to watch pretty special events. Some of them may even stay in history, keeping in mind the fact that the Triple Crown has been won only several times at all. In addition, we believe that The China Open, The Champion of Champions, and the Tour of Championship also have huge potential. We can only wait for the future to see what is coming, what will change, and which will be the most prestigious snooker tournaments.

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