Gambling customer analytics and AI – a data match made in heaven

  (photo credit: CANVA.COM)
(photo credit: CANVA.COM)

AI has become one of the most talked-about and explored technologies in the world. Online gambling is another industry that continues to innovate and expand as technology changes. Together, AI and online gambling create new ways for customers to get the best possible experience via data analysis.

You may be wondering what makes AI so special in terms of connecting with customers? In any industry, understanding what makes people tick and then meeting those needs is key. AI has become so important in this role that it is connecting people around the world. During AI Week 2022, it was revealed just how important Israel's role is in the future of artificial intelligence.

Professor Isaac Ben-Israel, director of the ICRC, commented: "AI is the dominant technology of the next five, ten years; Israel is capable of being one of the global hubs for AI technology, as we are for cyber technology."

No matter who is leading the way, there's no doubt that bringing AI and data analysis together will change how online gambling (and the rest of the world) functions in the future.

How does AI and customer data affect the gambling industry?

Connecting with customers is one of the most important ways an online casino or sportsbook can effectively keep customers entertained. Thanks to AI and the integration of this technology, gambling companies are collecting vast amounts of data every year. 

Using this data correctly makes all the difference and can change the way customers are treated. Data analysis can also help evolve online gambling to suit players in a better way. AI and online gambling are the future, and by perfectly combining the two, only great things can be instore.

Here are a few examples of how properly analysing customer data can affect online casinos and other betting sites.

  • Informed customers are empowered customers

The internet is filled with information about online casinos, gambling laws, and ways to play. Customers want to be informed about where they choose to gamble and spend their money. Not only do they want information, but they want that information to be correct, relevant, and easy to understand. By ensuring that customers receive the info they want to see through searches or reviews, the gambling industry can help empower those looking to sign up.

  • Determining what customers demand and supplying it

As new technology is released into the market, knowing how players really feel about that technology can make a huge difference. Will players embrace the new games that have become available? Do new payment methods create the possibility of overspending? It's more than just a way to meet the needs of players; it's also about making sure that players are safe. Understanding how customers relate to and interact with new technology is vital for creating the perfect entertainment-fuelled environment.

  • Ensuring operations run smoothly and efficiently

Keeping a check on how players interact with online gambling sites is a great way to determine if operations are running as smoothly as possible. Understanding the data provided could determine if a site needs more banking options, requires extended customer service hours, or needs a better variety of games. All of these details affect the overall gambling experience.

  • Creating the perfect promotions and offers

AI provides the perfect array of customer information, which means when used correctly, sculpting promotional offers should be easy. Determining what makes a player tick and then providing a special bonus that meets that need is what makes the difference between keeping or losing a player in the long term. Customer data could even reveal details as nuanced as when a customer prefers to play rather than what they prefer to play.

  • Keep customers happier for longer

Reducing the loss of customers is always a number one priority for any business. In the online gambling industry, that can be hard to achieve due to the large number of new betting sites springing up on a regular basis. Thanks to AI and customer data analytics, keeping customers loyal and happy doesn't have to be as confusing as it once was. Instead of a head-scratching task with a lot of trial and error, the world of gambling can cater to what players need and want in the safest and most effective way.

No matter what the future holds, it's easy to see why AI, customer data and online gambling are a match made in heaven. By creating experiences that keep customers coming back for more, while also keeping them safe, happy players mean a flourishing industry for all.

This article was written in cooperation with CasinoWow