Genius Entrepreneur Whose Mission Is To Create Financial Advancement

Spencer Vann believes with the power of could reunite billions of dollars for the people across the country

 (photo credit: SPENCER VANN)
(photo credit: SPENCER VANN)

Not everyone is capable of owning a house and many homeowners lose their house to foreclosure for not paying their mortgages. This includes Spencer Vann’s mother whose dream is to buy and own a home. She’s been renting for her entire life and she always dreamed of buying and living in her own house. This motivates him to get into the Real Estate world believing that he can get her mother a house or discover some connections with individuals that can help her. He was inspired to read Real Estate books and attended free Real Estate seminars. Spencer was 17 years old when he closed his first real estate wholesale deal. 

Spencer Vann, co-founder, and CEO of SurplusFund whose company mission is to help people grow their finances and provide hope to those people who have lost their homes to foreclosure or those owed money being held by the government. is money that is owed to someone after they get foreclosed. The company introduces the idea to property holders and schedules assessments and consultations with them is not just their main objectives, it also provides training to many entrepreneurs, especially real estate investors, to help them connect claims among property holders and banks or legal counselors while procuring through proficient expense charges.

The major turning point of Spencer Vann is when he emailed David Church asking him if he can attend the real estate meetup where David was hosting. He was 17 years of age around then and now they became business partners who built a multi-7 figure company. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Michael Jordan, John Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Kobe Bryant, Alex Becker, and Russell Brunson are among those individuals who inspired him in reaching the level of success that he achieved today. Also, he would like to share the lesson he learned from starting and growing a 7-figure education and coaching business when he was 19.

Here are the top 5 recommendations for Spencer’s ideal client who want to improve their life or business:

  • Hyper-optimization - 50-60% of his competition has stopped spending money on advertising during the covid-19 outbreak. But, he doubled down and spent more. 
  • Create a blue ocean - you can’t sell what anyone else is already selling. You have to be unique whether it’s your strategy, product, or traffic source. 
  • Extreme customer focus - the business is not designed to make you money. The business is designed to solve customer problems better than anyone else.
  • Majoring on major things - remember the 80-20 rule, focus on the 20% of the business that will produce 80% of the result. Use leverage.
  • North star alignment - understand the goal of the business, everyone in the team must be working towards a single end goal, otherwise, the business will get lost in limbo.

Spencer Vann’s major key to success is to focus on getting the best result for the customer, not making money, and be a world-class rockstar in one skill set.