Go for the electronic W2 form and speed up tax filling

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

W2 form helps the employees to fill the tax on their income. It is generated by the employer and provided to the employees to submit the taxes at the year-end. However, today everything is electronic, and hence W2 forms are not an exception. Electronic W2 forms save the employer plenty of time and allow the employees to file taxes before the last date.

So here, we will uncover some crucial aspects of electronic W2 forms and how they can be proved as an excellent facility in today’s time.

The Benefits of a W2 Generator

There are many websites out there that facilitate businesses to generate W2 forms online. In previous days, employers used to go to the IRS to get the W2 conditions and then distribute them among their employees. However, the time has changed now; the forms are digital and hence quickly be downloaded.

Plus, it cuts down the delivery time that you would be tolerating before receiving the W2 forms.

You can use the W2 generator from ThePayStubs; these people offer many services related to payslips or pay stubs. They have the most affordable and efficient solution when it comes to creating W2 forms. Plus, their customer support is the most incredible that brings you answers in a jiffy. Before ordering the services, you can have a demo of stub samples, ask their customer support for any possible query, and order their online generator service.

The electronic forms do not just save time, but the approach also allows you to save the data digitally. This information can be saved on a computer or cloud and can be used anywhere and only by the authorized person. Thus it eliminates the need to save the data traditionally in papers.

How Does a W2 Maker Work?

You first should opt for a genuine and reliable W2 generator company. For this, you can make a Google search and stumble upon some websites providing such generators. Choose the one that seems genuine and charge a reasonable price for their services.

Next, you try their W2 form generator by simply tapping the option. You will have a form to fill up the needed information of your employees, and voila! You will also have many templates to choose from. It is that simple!

What Information Do You Need for W2 Forms?

Having the information handy helps to generate those forms quickly. You should hence have all the information about the employees; keep everything organized to proceed with. You will need the following information:

  • The employee’s information, such as their name, SSN, occupation, and address
  • Business information
  • Earned wages and other compensation for the tax year
  • Payroll deductions

Here the payroll deductions should be broken into different categories:

  • Federal tax
  • State and local taxes
  • Social security deductions
  • Medicare deductions

If you have other deductions, don’t forget to mention them. For example, if employees have employer-paid healthcare or insurance, it needs to be included too.


Electronic W2 forms are not a compulsion; however, they are the fastest and most efficient method in the generation of the internet. A firm that has hundreds of employees should surely opt for digital solutions rather than traditional ones. It will help you generate those W2 forms way quickly, and it will help the employees as well.

Plus, you will save on mailing costs since you will be sending them electronically. Choose ThePayStubs and experience your electronic W2 forms generating experience.