Hair Transplant Turkey

  (photo credit: AEK)
(photo credit: AEK)

Hair Transplant Turkey is a medical operation performed by specialist physicians and their teams in the operating room environment. In addition, hair transplantation should be performed with high sensitivity and meticulousness. Mistakes that can be made during the operation may cause negativity in terms of the patient’s appearance. It is almost impossible to return from these negativities. However, if the restoration process is performed after hair transplantation, corrections can be provided. This type of correction usually has no guarantee. Therefore, it would be best to be meticulous in choosing the center and doctor where hair transplantation will be performed.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair replacement is the process of transferring the hair follicles taken from the nape of the neck of people who have hair loss problems and baldness to the problematic area. In hair transplant Turkey, the roots to be transplanted are selected among the healthy and strong roots that are not likely to be shed. It is a safe method that can be applied by people who experience openings and thinning due to hair loss. It is thought that the person who will perform hair transplantation should be completely bald, but there is no need for this.

Hair implantation is the most effective method applied in baldness or hair loss. There is no re-shedding in the transplanted roots with hair transplantation. With hair transplantation, people have stronger and healthier hair than before in a short period of 6 months.

Hair implantation can be applied to male and female patients who have hair loss problems regardless of gender. It is an operation that can be applied immediately if no obstacle is seen in the tests and analyzes performed before hair transplantation.

Credit: AEKCredit: AEK

Advantages of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Health tourism, which has become very active in recent years, is based on the fact that patients visit different countries for treatment. Turkey is one of the countries with the highest number of visitors in the field of health tourism, and at the beginning of the cities; Istanbul is coming. The majority of the tourists that our country hosts for treatment during the year prefer hair transplantation and plastic surgery operations.

If you have decided to have a hair transplant and you have chosen Turkey for this procedure, it means that you now have many advantages. The advantages of hair transplantation in Turkey are generally as follows:

  • You will have hair transplantation at a very affordable price compared to European countries.
  • You will have the opportunity to have the highest quality transactions at the most affordable prices.
  • One of the most talented doctors in the world will do your procedure.
  • It provides successful results in cases where other hair loss treatments do not work.
  • You get natural-looking hair.
  • Experienced doctors, unlike other treatments, allow you to achieve successful results even in the later stages of hair loss.

Why Should You Get Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

Compared to other countries, Turkey’s leadership position in hair transplantation consists of multiple reasons. The success rate of the operations is due to the fact that the doctors are much more experienced due to the intensity of male pattern hair loss in our geography. At the same time, the affordable price policy and the technology used in the operations are also effective in this. The fact that Istanbul is a very rich and attractive feature in terms of tourism and that it is a safe city, clean, high quality and affordable accommodation alternatives are the reasons why turkey is preferred for health tourism.

In addition, the fact that our country is surrounded by seas is effective in health and hair transplantation tourism by sea. The process, which is based entirely on experience, has brought Turkey to an advanced level in this regard. In Turkey, hair transplantation can be performed by using 3000-5000 grafts between 6-9 hours on average. But in European countries you may need 2-3 days for the same procedure. It is more comfortable for the patient that the procedure can be completed in a shorter time. However, it is also very valuable in terms of time saving.

Hair Transplant Cost

The price per graft, which is the most common pricing form in the world, is not applied much in Turkey today. Hair transplant cost are generally offered as package prices per operation. These prices vary from clinic to clinic according to the detail of the package and the quality of the service provided. If hair transplantation prices will be the most ideal choice for a patient, it will be to make a market research and choose the one with the highest details and service quality from the packages at similar prices.

If the price is far below or far above the average, it would be better to approach the issue cautiously. contact us to get information about hair transplantation prices.

Is it Safe to Turkey for a Hair Transplant?

It is quite safe to travel to Turkey for hair transplantation. But for this you need to be sure of the quality of the clinic that will meet your needs. If you are sure of the clinic you are going to and know the contents of the packages presented to you, you will not have problems in the process. However, Istanbul is not only a historical and interesting tourist center. It has recently become the best hair transplantation center. Hundreds of thousands of people come to Turkey every year for hair transplantation. The reason for this is the numerous successful operations performed here.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing a Hair Transplant Clinic?

The place where hair transplantation will be performed must have received an approved registration by the Ministry of Health. However, there should be a legislative medical center. Hair implantation should be performed in operating rooms. Ask if there is a rest room in the hospital where you can rest after planting. However, get to know the contents of the packages in detail. Check out the reviews of patients who have already had the procedure there. However, find out the name of the doctor who will perform your procedure. Then investigate your doctor in detail. By doing this, you can be sure of your doctor’s experience and success. Ask all the questions you have in mind during the interview with the clinic you are going to. You can make an appointment when you are sure of the security of the transactions and the process.

Founder of AEK Hair Clinic, Dr. Karadeniz is giving a speech at the hair congress (Credit: AEK)Founder of AEK Hair Clinic, Dr. Karadeniz is giving a speech at the hair congress (Credit: AEK)

Advantages of Hair Transplant at AEK Hair Clinic

  • Opportunity to have an operation performed by the only Turkish plastic surgeon with ABHRS certificate,
  • You will achieve successful results with a professionally trained hair transplantation team,
  • The possibility of hair transplantation to the surgeon who is awarded the title of Fellow ISHRS (FISHRS),
  • You will have the opportunity to have hair transplantation where you will get definite and permanent results,
  • The best hair transplant treatment to be performed by a well-known health team supported by AEK Hair Clinic, the maximum number of grafts transplanted with the most advanced techniques,
  • The opportunity to get quality service at affordable prices,
  • Accommodation in a 5-star hotel,
  • Being a special medical center for hair loss treatments,
  • Check-up, post-operation follow-up and maintenance,
  • Supply of medical shampoo, lotion, necessary drugs.


This article was written in cooperation with AEK