Here is why’s bonuses for sports and casino games are popular

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

People often spend a couple of days before they find an online betting operator that offers what they want. Fortunately, some of the newest betting companies stand out and provide users with everything they need. For example, thanks to the Stake com promo code, gamblers from around the globe can avail themselves of different promotions for the two most popular categories - sports and casino.

You may come across many websites with more experience than Stake, but this doesn’t mean they are worth it. Stake compensates for the lack of experience by offering punters unique online payment solutions, top-notch bonuses, a fancy design, and the world’s leading betting sections.

Speaking of the devil, we will try to provide you with some of the information you need regarding’s bonuses and some of the betting options you will find. This will show you why many punters choose this as their go-to operator.

Stake offers betting bonuses for people who like baseball

Most people interested in online betting usually focus on one sport because this allows them to keep track of the newest information. Despite the fact that football is most people’s preferred sport for iGaming, some parts of the world focus on other things. 

Since Stake is an international betting operator, it offers various options. With that being said, the company is popular in North America, which is one of the big reasons it is among the few betting brands that will let users access special baseball betting bonuses. Punting on baseball is not that popular in Europe, but this is one of the leading sports in other parts of the globe.

Since Stake is notorious for offering short-term bonuses, the rewards for baseball are different and change regularly. For example, the operator often has a reward called Double Winnings, which allows users to get up to twice the amount they can win by punting on the MLB. To participate in this offer, users must place a bet on selected matches and hope that one of the players hits their target.

There is also a baseball bonus called “9th Inning Payout”, which lets people receive up to $100, as long as they meet the criteria. Both of these bonuses have specific rules you must take into consideration before using them. 

Stake is the best site for betting on the UFC

MMA is becoming more popular in many countries because of people like Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. There are different MMA leagues, but the UFC is usually the preferred option for hardcore fans and online bettors. Sadly, most sites do not pay a lot of attention to the sport, so bettors often don’t have a lot of things to choose from.

The good news is that Stake is the official partner of the UFC. This automatically makes it the best website for betting on this league. Whether you are a casual fan or someone who follows everything up close, you will come across more betting markets, better odds, and, most importantly, various bonuses.

The available promotions on Stake regarding the UFC come in different forms and depend on various factors, such as some of the hottest upcoming matches. With that being said, the company has an offer called Split Decision Insurance, which is usually available all the time.

This proposition is available to users who decide to bet on one of the many UFC events and choose the winner market. As long as you are willing to bet at least $5, you can receive a cashback of up to $250. For this to happen, the person you’ve wagered on has to lose by split decision.

There are eSports bonuses 

Most people who know some information about Stake are aware that the company offers great options for betting on the UFC, football, and other sports. With that being said, a site is also an amazing option for eSports bettors, especially people who like popular titles like Dota 2 or CS:GO.

Although you may not always find an active proposal for this sport, Stake often creates short-term bonuses before a given tournament. One of the best examples is the Inter Extreme Masters, one of the biggest CS:GO tournaments. Stake’s customers who decide to bet on this option can find a reward known as “Overtime Insurance”. The latter allows them to get up to $50 if the CS:GO map goes into overtime and they fail to predict your bet.

As mentioned, the site may also provide special Dota 2 rewards before big tournaments, such as The International. They also come in different forms, so learn more information before putting them to the test. 


Stake is one of the premier betting sites that offer loads of promotions to its clients. Unlike many other gambling companies, this one cares for its bettors, which explains why every bonus has user-friendly conditions. Always check what’s available before you start betting because there might be something new.

This article was written in cooperation with Daniel Roberts.