How COVID-19 Caused Online & Healthcare Businesses to Thrive

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
COVID-19 caused much financial harm to many businesses around the world, and brought many businesses to the brink of collapse. It was also the breaking point for many companies that were not doing so well in the past few years. Strolling through the hallways of malls in New York City, one can see many stores with signs proclaiming huge inventory sales due to imminent store closings.  
This widespread economic distress is prevalent throughout the brick and mortar retail industry. Many mammoth chain stores and corporations have already declared bankruptcy, and multiple others are in the process of filing. These include apparel companies, travel-related corporations such as airlines and car rental companies, restaurants, and businesses serving many other industries. 
Almost every industry was hurt badly by COVID-19. There are at least two, however, that weren’t. Many of the businesses within these two industries provided people with assistance in ways no other company could. 
One such industry is the healthcare industry. Most healthcare-related businesses were extremely hectic during these times. For instance, take AvaCare Medical, a US-based medical supplies company, and its sister company, Medical Scrubs Collection. Once COVID reared, things changed. These companies will never be the same again. 
When questioned about how his companies fared during the pandemic, Steven Zeldes, CEO of the two aforementioned businesses, admits, “We had our challenges during this pandemic, just like every other company, but we realized we had to adapt quickly in order to service our customers properly.”
He adds, “We have become known for the care we show our customers. During this pandemic we showed how important it is for us to always show concern for our customers, even when times are difficult.”
During the days of Coronavirus, emails were appearing in employees’ inboxes by the thousands, company phones were ringing off the hook, and voicemails were pouring in fast and furious. Dedicated employees worked frantically from home to keep up with the impossible demand. They knew that they were providing important assistance to people who were desperate for it, and as devoted care reps who truly feel for their customers, they did what they could to help them. 
AvaCare Medical mainly services seniors and individuals with health issues or disabilities, providing them with daily living aids, hospital beds, incontinence products, and other health essentials. They also offer a wide selection of mobility aids, including wheelchairs, walkers, and transport chairs. Since the team at AvaCare Medical is cognizant of the fact that they are supplying what is considered by many of their customers to be necessities, even during the height of Coronavirus, they kept on working. They care about their customers and didn’t want to let any of them down.  
But at this point, they weren’t just getting orders from their longtime customers; their customer base had exploded like no one could ever have imagined. People who had never called before now contacting AvaCare Medical to order medical supplies. The company was so swamped that they had to hire a whole slew of additional workers to ensure that orders were being fulfilled and sent out efficiently. 
Medical Scrubs Collection, a nursing uniform company servicing doctors and other healthcare professionals, experienced similar circumstances. Their total amount of daily orders more than tripled. Staying on top of their game was difficult, but they did whatever they could, because they knew they had an important role to play in assisting medical professionals who were sacrificing so much. 
With this in mind, customer service members were working overtime, pushing out order after order, barely taking a moment to breathe. More employees were hired, so that the company could help as many healthcare professionals on the front lines as possible. 
Now that COVID-19 is winding down in the tristate area, things still haven’t returned to normal at AvaCare Medical or Medical Scrubs Collection. The reason for this is that both these companies also fall into another category; a different industry that gained from the virus - the online industry. 
During the height of the pandemic, brick and mortar stores were shuttered. People were afraid to venture outdoors. Instead, they ordered everything they needed online. They were forced to search for the product they needed within the confines of cyberspace. And once they found it, they had an easier time searching for it the second time. 
Now that people have already figured out where to get certain products online, doing so has become habitual. It’s easier to simply place an online order than to go out to the store. So, even as retail stores are opening back up, ready and willing to welcome customers, many individuals aren’t going back to shopping in stores quite so fast. They’ve experienced the ease of online shopping, and they prefer it to the alternative. 
Zeldes says he’s seen this firsthand at AvaCare Medical. “We’re still getting much more orders than we used to. I think it’s not only because many of our customers are scared to go out; I think it’s also because people have gotten used to shopping online. And I don’t think that’s going to change so fast.”
People are happy shopping at AvaCare Medical. The prices are reasonable, orders arrive within a day or two, and dealing with customer service is pleasant and smooth. These are just some reasons why people who placed one order on AvaCare Medical keep coming back.
The same goes for Medical Scrubs Collection - people have tried it and are satisfied with the ordering process at this online scrubs source. Medical Scrubs Collection boasts a modern website that is easy to navigate, is constantly running sales on their site, and has friendly, efficient customer service reps ready to help. And they have the cheapest prices on many nursing scrubs. 
Essentially, if new customers were satisfied with the service they received from a company during the pandemic, they are likely to shop there again, even once normalcy is restored. This means that companies that gained new customers during the pandemic who were happy with how their order process went may have acquired customers that will stay with them for years.
Coronavirus has had effects that will linger on for decades. Ecommerce businesses have burgeoned to untold heights, while the businesses in the brick and mortar retail industry have totally collapsed. Healthcare companies are having their heyday, while many apparel stores and restaurants are bidding the world adieu. The business world is undergoing significant changes, and only time will tell when their effects will cease.