How International Loops is One of the Best SMM Agencies in the World

 (photo credit: INTERNATIONAL LOOPS)

Today, Jennifer Brooks runs one of the world’s leading social media marketing agencies called International Loops. Half a decade ago, it was merely an idea that arose out of a desire to keep tabs on her kids. How exactly did this creative entrepreneur launch this million-dollar idea that helps brands and influencers expand their audiences on social media? Here is what you need to know about this extraordinary success story.

It all started with Jenny wanting to keep her children safe while they were online. After all, it's a big and wild place sometimes. Since her kids were active on Instagram, that led her to create an account on the massively-popular social media platform. However, instead of just creating an account that she just logged in on to see what her kids were doing, she ended up getting into the Instagram game. She became hooked on how fun, entertaining, and exciting it all was.

An early opportunity she came across was a contest run by Future Faces that was open to child models. She quickly jumped on the opportunity and entered her son into the contest. He won, giving him and Jennifer an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City. Upon arriving in the Big Apple, a modeling agency offered an opportunity to use her children as models to help sell products. 

This great opportunity led to Jenny having a portfolio of modeling photos of her kids. Gleeful about where things were heading, she saw the potential opportunities that could open up if she shared the photos on social media, which is what she did. Sure enough, the business opportunities and collaborations starting pouring in.

It wasn’t long before Jennifer was getting numerous free product offers. By tagging brands that were relevant to her Instagram posts, some brands took notice and offered to collaborate with her and her family. The more interest she received, the more mutually beneficial relationships she formed. Mommy bloggers became especially interested in what she had to offer. International Loops was soon formed thanks to all of these positive developments. 

What became the central focus of International Loops was helping others grow on social media. This would end up becoming called Exclusive Advertising in the lingo used at International Loops. Executive Advertising uses celebrities and influencers to grow audiences for brands collaborating with International Loops.

Also, something called sweepstakes loops was established, which involved creating a small network of people who participated in cross-promotions of each other. To increase the effectiveness of the cross-promotions, giveaways are used. Each person in a "loop" would have a vested interest in the giveaway, and since they all cross-promoted one another, the results become very impressive.

The Instagram campaigns that International Loops runs today are highly sought after due to just how remarkable the results are for growth. Thanks to Jenny’s creativity and entrepreneurial mindset, she has been able to craft one of the most effective social media marketing strategies today.