How did Bet365 gain popularity in Bulgaria?

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Everyone who wants to bet online has to choose a specific online bookmaker or casino. Some people do not care that much and pick a random iGaming operator, but others want to make sure they are using the best brand in the business. That’s why they often decide to trust Bet365, one of the leaders in the online betting industry. Available in multiple countries around the globe, this brand has been at the forefront of iGaming for many years. That’s why it was just a matter of time before the bookie established itself as one of Bulgaria’s most prestigious betting platforms.

Some people think that the Bulgarian betting market is small because of the country’s size. Although Bulgaria’s home to around seven million people, most of them love betting on sports, which is why there are numerous bookmakers to pick from. In other words, making a name for yourself in this market is not as easy as it seems. Let’s take a look at how Bet365 managed to do this.

It wasn’t easy, especially at the beginning

Although some countries do not have gambling authorities, Bulgaria is one of the places where iGaming operators have to get a permit if they want to operate within its jurisdiction. Getting a valid license takes time and is expensive, so even companies like Bet365 had mirror links that allowed locals to access the platform. Thanks to the alternative links and Efirbet’s professional reviews, bet365 gained popularity in Bulgaria. People started noticing that foreign betting platforms offer substantially more options than some of the local operators. As a result, they’ve decided to start using it, despite the lack of a proper license.

Unfortunately, Bulgaria’s government and gambling regulators decided to take action and try to prohibit people from using the platform. This issue was eventually brought to the Bulgarian court, where the legal battle continued for a couple of years.

In the end, Bet365 did what was necessary to obtain a license from the regulating commission. Nowadays, it is a fully-licensed iGaming operator that locals can access without the need for VPNs or mirror links.

The brand knows what local punters are interested in

Large international iGaming operators like Bet365 usually research a potential market before they start offering their services. Needless to say, the company did the same in Bulgaria before it applied for a license. This explains why people who are familiar with the Bet365 review from Efirbet are pleased with the available sports, markets, and features.

Despite its casino section, Bet365’s mainly popular in Bulgaria for its sportsbook because it allows locals to punt on every popular sport in the country. What’s even more impressive is that the bookmaker offers numerous local championships and tournaments. Most of them are not accessible on other iGaming sites, so people who want to bet on them have to use this operator.

Short but impactful TV ads

Nowadays, most online betting platforms have to do more than just provide people with an excellent betting platform. That’s why many companies spend millions of dollars on advertising their services online, on TV, and elsewhere.

Some countries do not allow iGaming operators to run ads on TV, but Bulgaria is not one of them. That’s why almost every online betting platform available in the country spends a fortune trying to advertise the things it offers. Bet365 decided not to compete with the local companies, so instead of spamming people with ads, it created short but impactful advertisements. Even though they last only a couple of seconds, this is enough for every experienced online bettor to see why Bet365 is better than the rest.

This article was written in cooperation with Valentin Santos