How do VIP Gamstop Customers Spend Money?

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Several schemes were launched in the UK to promote responsible gaming and minimize gambling-related problems. One of the renowned programmes to reduce gambling harms is Gamstop which was released in November 2016. This self-exclusion service is operated by the reputed organism called National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme (NOSES) and created to help the gamblers to limit their gambling activities.
In fact, with Gamstop, the punters are able to prohibit themselves from the gambling websites of their choice for a period of 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. The Gamstop customers cannot, therefore, have access to their chosen gambling platforms until the period has expired. The high rollers who banned themselves from gambling sites cannot have fun anymore with the various games and sports betting products. Since they are not permitted to gamble at these websites, how do these VIP Gamstop customers spend their money? 

As investing is about growing money to reach important goals in life, the big spenders in the gambling websites have become interested in investment. With the various types of investments that can help them to achieve their objectives, these punters are able to choose their right placements. Some of them think about buying houses and apartments whereas others make investments in cars.

Apart from the property, the VIP gamblers can also purchase products with the expectation that these goods or items will make profits or incomes. Since the whales are the customers who consistently bet large amounts of money, their departure will have a serious impact on the gambling platforms.
Gambling at Non-Gamstop Casinos
Several gambling operators noticed that the Gamstop service can sometimes lead to hopelessness. The main reason is that some punters make a quick decision after losing their wager and register at Gamstop. These gamblers, hence, regret their choice but they cannot access their chosen gambling platforms for a limited period. That is why a complete list of non Gamstop casinos became so popular among self-excluded Gamstop customers.
For the high rollers who sign-up at the Gamstop scheme, they can continue to gamble at the trustworthy non-Gamstop casinos. They can feel the best casino experience as before and try their luck to boost huge gains. Today, many non-Gamstop platforms have offered loads of fun as well as more chances to win big prizes.
Probably, everyone enjoys vacations and some eagerly wait for this period of time when they can relax and enjoy themselves away from home. Instead of spending time and money at the sports betting sites or online casinos, the self-prohibited gamblers go on holiday in a lovely place. Anyway, a vacation is important since it helps people to reduce their stress and make them happier.
In addition to that, an incredible adventure in an amazing place will stay a memorable moment in people's lifetime. Some VIP players can visit the best vacation spots while others choose to relax in a quiet village close to their houses. Since they cut down on gambling activities, they have an opportunity to truly think about a vacation.
Sports Betting at Non-Gamstop Sites
Aside from the casinos, the sports betting at non-Gamstop sites also promise excitement and enjoyment. These betting sites can compete with the Gamstop platforms as they offer the best games for gambling without Gamstop and sports in the sportsbook. These can include soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, ice hockey, golf, volleyball, snooker, and various virtual sports.
The VIP members spend money on the popular sports betting platforms that don’t register at Gamstop. They are able to deposit and bet on their favourite sports. The lucrative Deposit Bonus schemes are waiting for them depending on the platforms they have registered. In addition to that, the platforms are trusted since they hold licences from the well-reputed gambling regulators
Forex Trading
The term Forex Trading is not a new one in the world of trading since it is the global market permitting people to trade two currencies against each other. This kind of business is both lucrative and flexible as it allows people to trade at their convenience.
That is the reason why the big gamblers who register at Gamstop spend their budget on this interesting business. They just learn to be successful in Forex trading by mastering the charts, the trends, and financial news. This means that they don’t need to attend special courses or training to become Forex traders
Cars & Houses
Having a property is a true retirement living. People who want to build wealth should buy houses and cars as they are better and quicker options. They can sell these houses at more expensive prices in the future. For the VIP players who exclude themselves from gambling platforms, some of them spend their money on houses and cars.
As they are not allowed to gamble on the platforms, they have to opt for other options to use their money. Buying real estate is a serious investment because it allows the buyers to pass the value of their homes to their loved ones.