How entrepreneur Justin Nelson is capitalizing on new real estate technology innovations

  (photo credit: Justin Nelson)
(photo credit: Justin Nelson)

The real estate industry has seen lots of evolution and technological advancements in recent years, as the industry embraces the modern, digital era. While real estate as a whole was slower to undertake rapid digitization, it has been actively making up for it by welcoming new technology trends with open arms.

According to the Business Research Company, the real estate industry will reach a value of approximately $7,227.13 billion by the end of 2022, and this is largely driven by the evolution of technology in the industry. One of the entrepreneurs driving this growth in real estate is Justin Nelson.

Although he is just 25 years old, Nelson has spent nearly a decade working in real estate due to working with his father since the age of 16. Hailing from Boulder, CO, Nelson earned his real estate license and immediately got to work. He took over his father’s marketing and lead generation efforts once he joined the team, which resulted in more than $360,000 in gross commissions in his first 16 months with the company. 

Lots of Nelson’s early success was actually attributed to his youth and fluency with all things digital and social media. He went on to become the team leader, and the team grew to more than 15 members. Nelson eventually opened another office location in Colorado Springs as the team continued to grow.

However, this was not enough for Nelson, and he knew he could do more. Combining his market expertise, social media savvy and entrepreneurial drive, Nelson took to the road on a speaking tour to help other real estate entrepreneurs learn the importance of social media within their businesses. Beginning in 2018, Nelson taught more than 10,000 agents across 35 states in more than 135 locations.

Next, Nelson founded Sphere Rocket VA, a real estate technology company that specializes in real estate social media marketing training. At the busiest point, Sphere Rocket VA has more than 1,000 active, paid monthly coaching clients.

Nelson then redirected the company to the state it is currently in today, a virtual assistant placement business. With a specialization in the real estate niche, Sphere Rocket VA places virtual assistants with entrepreneurs in the real estate industry, along with other industry professionals. In 2020, Sphere Rocket VA helped more than 3.200 real estate professionals match with full-time virtual assistants, who helped take the pressure off of these agents by completing unwanted tasks or helping with challenging work needs. Those interested are able to get matched with a full-time virtual assistant from Rocket Sphere VA for just $500 per month.

Having real estate licenses in both Colorado and Tennessee, Nelson is constantly evolving his business. With eight U.S.-based employees and 95 virtual assistants who report directly to him, Nelson is always on the go and balancing it all. Nelson is sure to continue tackling problems in the industry and providing solutions head-on in the near future as the world moves into that of a post-pandemic one.

This article was written in cooperation with Darby Jones