How James William Awad’s latest single is taking the world by storm

  (photo credit: DN News Desk)
(photo credit: DN News Desk)

Breakthrough hip-hop artist and gifted musician James William Awad, aka Senior, is making waves throughout the music industry with his latest single, “Made It Bigger.” The track is his latest single and current entry of his upcoming album, I Feel Better Alone.

James William Awad is a talented musician with a sound grasp of reality. The artist shares music that comes mostly from his real-life experiences. Awad connects with crowds through his music in a natural way. His songs drive a barrage of emotions and senses, as his stories and melodies inspire and hypnotize. His songs speak mostly on the lessons he has learned from overcoming struggles from a young age. 

More than anything, James William Awad has a drive to succeed and a love for making his dreams happen. The hip-hop artist believes in the power of tried-and-true human connection. To him, relationships are the fundamental drive that brings form and shape to his songs. In such a short amount of time, Senior has already broken so many barriers. His Spotify account now carries a verified artist status and gathers over 33,000 listeners every month. His first song, “Alexandra,” has already collected over 77,000 streams and counting. And given his immense musical talent and potential, this artist is certainly one to keep an eye out for in the near future. 

At the age of thirteen, Senior had already unearthed his talent and love for music. He would sing with his brother, who always helped the artist develop his music through the years. Yet, it wasn’t only until recent times that James William decided to pursue music wholeheartedly. He started by posting snippets of his songs on Instagram, which caught up with many hip-hop enthusiasts. As a result, Awad would commit to creating music for the world to enjoy.

“I love music,” shares James William Awad. “I love the connection it brings between people and the rollercoaster of emotions it drives them through. I believe music is one of the best ways to communicate and share stories.” Senior also believes that true, heartfelt music lets an artist manifest their deepest emotions, passions, and desires and share them with their listeners. “When an artist is passionate about his craft, it certainly shows,” he explains. “I believe that the audience feels and genuinely resonates with the emotions and the passion that such artists emancipate with each word. And as for the ones who are in the business only for the money and the fame, they can’t sustain their success for long. Fans cannot be fooled that easily.”

James William further believes that true music is one of the greatest motivators of all time. “The world is filled with music for every mood and setting. However, I believe that music that motivates and inspires us is in a league of its own,” explains the artist. “Such music can uplift our spirits and make us hopeful about the future, even in the lowest points of our life, and that’s the kind of impact I hope my upcoming album will also have on its listeners.”   

“So, what does it really take to set the world ablaze with your music and have fans all over the world grooving to your beats?” we asked James William Awad. “It certainly wasn’t a walk in the park,” came the response. “It took a lot of hard work, training, practice, and consistency, besides, of course, the best wishes of my fans and supporters. However, if there is one piece of advice that I’d like to give to aspiring artists and newcomers in the industry, it would be to always stay authentic—both with yourself and your audience. And when you come to think about it, this formula actually applies to all professions and businesses.”

Apart from being a talented musician, James William Awad is also a successful business owner. His companies employ more than a hundred people in Canada alone. He shares how his employees and teammates served as an inspiration to work hard in everything that he does, music included. James runs and owns Triple One, a decentralized company with thirteen businesses under its management at the moment.

Currently, James William Awad is putting all of his time and energy into developing his first album entitled I Feel Better Alone. The record will include twelve smashing tracks that discuss topics like living through challenges and trials, finishing strong, and coming out triumphant. Senior’s songs cover everything that has happened to his businesses, relationships, and his whole life in general. The album’s signature track, “Made It Bigger,” is coming out on September 30, a few days before the full album release. 

James William Awad’s most significant value is love. He hopes his music will connect with people on a soulful level. And with all the success that his songs have experienced by far, it’s safe to say that Senior is on the right track. We wish him all the best in future endeavors as he continues to spread a positive message to all, teaching people that anything is possible if we stay consistent.

This article was written in cooperation with DN News Desk