How Millennial-Run Clum Creative Differentiates Itself From Other Video Production Companies

 (photo credit: MIKE KLUM)
(photo credit: MIKE KLUM)

Mike Clum is only 27 years old, yet he runs an innovative video production company that is now earning $6 million annually. It was only as recently as 2014, three years after he founded the company, that Mike hired his first employee. Today, his team is comprised of several dozen employees, contractors, and part-time staff, with Mike being the youngest out of all of them. 

Clum Creative is in the business of creating video content for companies in a variety of industries, both locally and regionally. As a company in the B2B creative services market, its clients include marketers, entrepreneurs, and others who want top-level video and animation content that brings in more leads and sales. Mike boasts that the company has over 700 clients spread out across the United States, while the company enjoys a 5-year growth rate that exceeds an impressive 1,000%.

The key difference between Clum Creative and other video production companies is that Clum leans heavily on using marketers rather than videographers. Given that someone who is an expert in marketing understands what captures attention and results in more leads and sales, clients can be more effectively assisted to that end. A videographer may know how to shoot a beautiful video, but if they don't have a marketing background, they are going to focus more on the art of video production rather than doing what boosts interaction and engagement.

Besides an initial music video Mike made for a friend when he was just getting started as a team, his first video for a client was a corporate sales video for a local company in his hometown of Cleveland. This led to more projects that were for a similar purpose, which led Mike to establish Clum Creative as a company that produced videos for other businesses. The videos have been so well received by the external clients of the clients Clum helped that the company now receives numerous repeat customers. The videos this company crafts have plenty of emotion, which gets people emotionally engaged, and is message-driven. 

Companies are increasingly understanding that video is king today. It is the most engaging of all media forms, which makes it an excellent marketing tool. The marketplace is changing and it is more interested in marketing content that is video-based. Mike understands this, and his team's professional videos have benefited hundreds of clients so far. 

The success that Mike has achieved is something he wishes others enjoy as well. To do so, he advises to simply get started on something you believe you can be successful at doing. Mike spent 2-3 years building up his portfolio and developing his network. After that, he shifted his focus to getting more sales because he knew he had a great product. Follow this formula, and you will be making seven figures annually as well.