How Professional Photographer Gabriel Maia and His Daughter Got Their Artwork Into Vogue Italia

 (photo credit: GABRIEL MAIA)
(photo credit: GABRIEL MAIA)

Today, professional photographer Gabriel Maia and his daughter Rosiane travel the world to capture the perfect photos, both of Gabriel as the model in environmental portrait photography and of nature and city scenes that captivate the viewer. Recently, their hard work and eye for photographic art has landed them into Vogue Italia, where they have a curated portfolio.

How did they manage to get into such an elite digital magazine? The story begins with Gabriel’s transition from 35mm film photography to digital photography. Once he began shooting on Cannon and Fuji digital cameras, his daughter Rosiane began expressing interest in photography as an art form. 

Rosiane was becoming a burgeoning model and learned the art of posing in front of the camera from other professional models. Her keen eye for what poses work in what scenes and landscapes led to her and her father shooting captivating photography art. 

Gabriel also went on to teach his daughter about how to take photographs as he did. This helped her become someone else besides Gabriel who could capture scenes in the same that he did. 

Somewhere during the early 2000s, Gabriel learned about Photo Vogue Italia having curated portfolios of other professional photographers. These photographers had their work showcased by Vogue Italia, which was something Gabriel made his mission to be in as well. 

In order to receive approval by the editors of Vogue Italia, this father-daughter duo went on a photoshoot spree. They decided on picking Indonesia as the location of their photo expedition. This country would become the backdrop of some of their best work later on. 

After submitting the best images from their Indonesia photoshoots, Photo Vogue Italia created a portfolio of their black-and-white photography art, which is now accessible on their official website for all to see.

The success of the Indonesia photoshoot spurred this father-daughter team to continue traveling on other photo expeditions. They would end up taking countless other photos in remarkable and stunning locations all over the world. 

All of the traveling to find the best scenes and locations has strengthened the bond between Gabriel and Rosiane, and has led to new opportunities for both of them. Whether it's taking shots of scenes in bustling cities, photos of serene landscapes, or fashion portraits of Rosiane, Gabriel continues to deliver his captivating and unique art to the world.

For Gabriel, shooting out in the real world is miles above shooting in a studio. For him, it isn’t even a comparison. That is why throughout his career as a professional photographer, he has focused on shooting in cities and nature. In fact, this kind of art turned out to be the most popular out of any he has made to date.