How Technology Is Likely To Impact Online Gambling In Years To Come

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Technological advances from just a few years ago have changed life as we knew it and things are likely to become even easier in time to come.
Gone are the days when one needed to walk into a physical establishment to have a go at casino games. Amid all of the improvements technology has introduced to everyday life over a relatively short span of time, we are still on the brink of even more evolution.
Online gambling has certainly benefited from the many developments taking place in the world of cyber tech. And it’s astounding to even think of how far things can go from the point we are already at. One of the biggest factors that will move things along in that regard is Artificial Intelligence. AI has already reached a level that allows it to beat human beings by simply knowing the rules of whatever game they’re playing and it’s actually quite scary when one considers the exponential growth afoot in that particular field.
Where online casinos are concerned, AI has the capacity to detect and block illegal sites, find cheaters, and customize the experience for users. Of course, players will always have a way of making it work in their favor on other fronts.
Virtual Reality has also moved leaps and bounds over the last few years and what we see now could perhaps be considered primitive in the future. The advent has already seen VR casinos come to the fore, with users now able to walk around a 3-Dimensional casino and participate in games of their choice.
We can expect to see entire casino resorts come to VR soon enough and the user experience doesn’t have to be restricted to gambling, with concerts and other feature items also a possibility. Players will likely be able to interact with other users in the form of avatars and it would be like they’re in a very real casino. Who knows? VR could become the standard for online gambling in the future. But mobile outlets aren’t likely to go anywhere, we just have to wait and see.
Another revolutionary turn as it pertains to the internet world is blockchain tech. The term is becoming more and more popular and, synonymous with the Bitcoin frenzy waning, people are beginning to understand just how big of a thing this could be.
The development could make it so that users would never need to deposit funds at a virtual casino, and transactions could happen at the same speed of a button being pressed. This means instant payouts and games that could be verified on the spot, which is a great way of removing cheaters.
Of the three technologies mentioned, blockchain is perhaps the one likely to impact online gambling the quickest. AI and VR may have years to go before their full capabilities are unleashed but blockchain is already making waves, and not just in the gambling industry.
PayPal posted a job opening for its new blockchain research group earlier this month, with the online payment company apparently keen on keeping abreast.
“The blockchain research group (BRG) is a newly formed group within the Strategic Technology Enablement team chartered with establishing expertise and opinions on emerging blockchain technologies and their potential uses within PayPal,” the posting reads.
“As a research function, the BRG will seek to understand the current and near-future state of blockchain technologies, their relative advantages and disadvantages, and their applicability to PayPal’s core and adjacent businesses. BRG team members will be expected to gain hands-on knowledge of various blockchain technologies and toolchains and to create clear, timely, and well-researched documentation that expresses a point of view or suggested course of action suitable for presentation to senior management, to board members, partners, or the public.”
Technology will undoubtedly continue to have a huge impact on the industry and, could possibly assist with environmental concerns. As it stands, online gambling is already having a positive effect in that regard; technology will only help it along.