How the casino industry keeps moving forward

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Gambling has been a part of our culture and entertainment since the very earliest civilizations. Evidence suggests that in Ancient Greece, people played dice games in local taverns or inns. Archeologists have discovered similar dice from civilizations like China, Egypt, and Persia. Most historians believe that gambling dates even further back than these cultures, though evidence for that is non-existent. 

However, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that the “casino industry” can be dated to these civilizations. In fact, the casino is a rather recent invention. The first brick-and-mortar gambling establishment opened its doors in the 1600s. The place was Italy, the city was Venice, and the name of the casino was Casino di Venezia. The massive success of this one business, helped spread the newly formed casino industry across Europe, and even further away.

So, in this article, we would like to look at all of the ways in which the gambling/casino industry has evolved and kept on chugging since the Enlightenment Age. Let’s take a look.

Keeping Up with the Times

The most obvious way that the casino industry keeps evolving is by keeping up with the desires and demands of gamblers. A notable example here would be the rise of online casinos. For those who aren’t aware, online casinos are incredibly popular right now. Especially in Scandinavian countries. For example, check out this Finnish online casino if you are interested in the iGaming industry. The United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and Austria are also known for their frequent use of gambling websites. 

And while most of these casinos are unaffiliated with any land-based establishments, quite a few brick-and-mortar casinos have begun offering an online option. This move is unsurprising. After all, online casinos are a lot more accessible and easy to use. All you have to do is click a few buttons, make an account, and you will be playing your favorite gambling games. 

Some people do have apprehensions about online gambling. However, we assure you that, thanks to certain reforms, online casinos are now just as safe as their brick-and-mortar counterparts. All you need to do to keep safe is to find casinos that are licensed. Look for licenses from countries like Malta, Gibraltar, Great Britain, and Curacao. If you do so, your safety is all but guaranteed. 

The Industry is not afraid to Experiment

Experimentation and pushing boundaries is an obvious way in which the industry stays ahead. It wasn’t too long ago that casinos only featured the same games everyone knows. Blackjack, poker, roulette, and slots are the staples of any casino. However, nowadays, many big-name operators attempt to diversify their library. 

For example, many casinos are starting to bring in pachinko, a hit Japanese game, which inspired the K-drama of the same name. Pachinko is a staple of Japanese arcades, and one of Japan’s most popular gambling games. It combines the mechanics of pinball and slot machines, to create a thrilling game that combines luck and skill.

And speaking of pinball, the time-tested game is also gaining traction in many casinos. The best part about it is that it isn’t really a gambling game. Meaning, all you need to do is get a few tokens, and play one of the most popular arcade games in history. 

A lot of Western casinos have also begun to bring in a lot of Chinese gambling games as well. As many of you know, Macau was, until recently, the gambling hub of the world. With the success of the city’s gambling industry, many Westerners thought to replicate the countless Chinese games that have been played for centuries. That is how we got Pai Gow, Dominos, Mahjong, Sic Bo, and many variants on these classics. 

Bitcoin is Involved 

As with most industries in the 2020s, Bitcoin plays a major part. Namely, as many companies are now embracing crypto-based payments, the casino industry is racing to stay ahead. Quite a lot of casinos have now fully embraced Bitcoin-based deposits and withdrawals. Some are still apprehensive, but it seems like the industry in general is open to the development.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the online casino industry (or iGaming). Crypto casinos and Bitcoin casinos are now all the rage. As you can probably imagine, these websites offer the exact same services as regular online casinos. The only difference is that they operate entirely with Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies. 

Now, we do feel like we have to mention here, that because crypto casinos are a new phenomenon many operate without a license. So, we would recommend you avoid any website that is unlicensed. But, we also have some good news. Online sportsbooks and casinos which are fully licensed and regulated have also begun to accept Bitcoin and Ether deposits. So, if you are a crypto gambler, you do have a safe option that you can take. 

Risk-Free Gambling?

One thing that gamblers love about their hobby is the risk involved. Of course, that same risk is what keeps many away from the industry. So, can you imagine a “risk-free casino”? Well, some establishments, both land-based and online, have seen fit to create a “risk-free gambling zone”. Meaning, anyone willing to try classic casino games can do it without having to put down a deposit. 

The best way we can describe this is to look at it as a demo for the latest video game. You can try a few hands of poker, blackjack, or even slots, and if you like it, you move on to the real deal. However, it doesn’t end there. Some establishments have even opened up a paid-admission games, where people can just play for fun. You simply pay the entry fee, sit at a table, and play poker, blackjack, baccarat, or any other game you are interested in, at absolutely no risk to yourself.

There is a question as to whether this practice can really be called gambling. But whatever the case may be, it is certainly gaining traction and popularity among a certain crowd. More casinos are becoming open to doing this sort of thing, so if you ever want to play poker without risk, try looking for a casino that offers that kind of service.

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