How to hire fire watch guards fast, easily, and effectively

  (photo credit: PEXELS)
(photo credit: PEXELS)

Did you know that when you are a property or construction site owner when you run a special event or a commercial business where people are coming and going all the time, you are required by NFPA to hire a certified Fire Watch Guard?

This is an important safety requirement, but it can cause entrepreneurs, managers, and owners some problems: how can I hire a team of certified fire watch guards? What kind of service do I need to ask? How much is it going to cost?

Fire Watch Patrol Co. is the answer to all these questions. Founded and run by retired fire service professional, Fire Watch Patrol is a company highly specialized in providing fire watch guards for a wide variety of settings: special events, construction sites, office buildings, commercial sites, and more…

How to hire fire watch guards from Fire Watch Patrol Co.

Hiring fire watch guards with Fire Watch Patrol Co. is just as easy as hiring any other service, and in some cases even easier.

Their process is very simple: after you contact them, they estimate your needs and provide you with a quote. After you’ve accepted the deal, they send their fire watch guards where needed whether is it an emergency or not.

What kind of security services fire watch guards can provide?

  • Fire watch guards patrol every floor and area of the building or construction site;
  • They supervise and immediately report of any safety issue
  • They can contact the authorities if any safety issues occur;
  • They maintain continuous communication with you and your personnel
  • They check and maintain every walkway to make sure they are all permanently free of obstruction
  • They fill out all the required fire logs


With Fire Watch Patrol Co. you don’t have to worry about paperwork, at least that part that concerns fire watch and patrol services. After the end of every service, fireguards fill out every required log for Fire Marshall. As you know, fire watch guard isn’t only a matter of safety, but also bureaucracy: you need to have all paper in order to be allowed to run your activity, stay open, and welcome people to your facilities.

When do I need to hire fire watch guards?

It’s always recommended to hire a fire watch guard with some advance so that Fire Watch Patrol Co can have the time to assess your needs and estimate a quote. However, one of the most important advantages that Fire Watch Patrol Co can provide is their emergency service. They are able to send fire watch guards where needed within 4 hours. 

Fire Watch Guards: what is their job?

What kind of work do fire watch guards do? You know that they provide safety within an environment, but what is that they do from a practical point of view?

Fire watch guards from Fire Watch Patrol Co can provide the following.

  1. Commercial Fire Watch

Within a commercial facility, Fire Watch Guards look after properties, material assets, and - of course - people. The first job of fire watch guards is to minimize any risk; they also draw up plans to deal with any issue, and they know what to do in any case of emergency.

  1. Construction Site Fire Watch

Construction sites can become dangerous places, especially if not everyone is specifically trained on how to move, and behave in such an environment. Construction sites fire watch is meant to minimize every risk and prevent issues.

  1. Special events

When you have a lot of people coming and going the environment can become more dangerous because of the presence of so many people. A small issue can become a huge problem if walkways aren’t maintained free. Fire watch guards take care of that and of any risk or emergency.

  1. Hot Work

Hot work experts can protect vulnerable properties and equipment. This way, every person within the facilities, even if there are fire hazards or risks of different nature, is kept permanently safe.

  1. Dispensary

Fire watch guards also provide a dispensary service where needed.

Fire Watch Guard: F.A.Q.

  1. How can I make sure I can hire  Fire Watch Patrol Co ?

Fire Guard Patrol Co. operates in the major Us cities. However, check their website, or contact them to make sure you can hire their fire watch guards in your area.

  1. Is Fire Watch Guard mandatory?

In some cases it is. When you run a big event, or you own a big building - for example, full of offices - you must have fire watch guards that can guarantee the people’s safety.

  1. Must fire watch guards be certificated?

Of course, they are! Only trust certified fire watch guards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the entity that releases fire watch dertifications. They also train the guards so that they can make sure that the ones who receive a certificate are actually competent and trustworthy.


Whenever you need to hire fire watch guards, Fire Watch Patrol Co. is the best solution: it’s simple, effective, and it’s flexible enough to suit any safety needs.

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