How to host a surprise wedding

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

The idea of a marriage ceremony can bring about a wide range of emotions, from wild excitement to outright fear. Some people who are madly in love would be happy to spend the rest of their life with their significant other, but they are put off by all the hassle associated with this momentous life event. What should they do?

There are some brilliant solutions for such couples. The simplest option is to hire a professional wedding agency that will take care of everything and arrange the ceremony of your dreams. However, such services can be pretty expensive. If you're on a tight budget, consider pulling off a surprise wedding for the closest people in your life to create an unforgettable holiday with vivid emotions and impressions. These events are more affordable and fun. 

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Keep your lips zipped

If you break this rule, you will ruin the whole concept of the surprise wedding. No matter how badly you want to share this secret with your closest friends, be patient and keep silent. Moreover, you need to get ready for your big day without arousing suspicion, which might be even more challenging. Control every word and every action as long as you can. Reveal your true intentions only to those who will be directly involved in arranging the ceremony. Advance notice can be given to your parents if you feel they might need some extra time to get used to the idea.  

Come up with a plausible reason

You need the right people to share the joy of your magical moment at the right time. How can you lure them to your surprise wedding? Design a decoy that will work for each guest. It can be anything from a housewarming gathering to a Star Wars party. Don't overdo it, though: telling everyone to come to a baby shower might be too much as some guests might get disappointed when they find out the actual reason for being invited. 

Reveal the true nature of the gathering

Decide when the guests need to find out that it's a secret wedding. We suggest you do it when the party is in full swing, and no one suspects that they have been invited for a different reason. Make sure the person who is supposed to make a declaration has rehearsed the speech so that no stage fright will ruin the most precious moment. 

Pay special attention to the moment when you magically transform from ordinary party hosts into a bride and a groom. Engage trusted people who can distract and prepare the ground for your appearance. Think about every detail in advance. Where will you be standing at this point? Will you and your partner be in the crowd, or will you hide somewhere and come into the spotlight together? Once everything has been revealed, your guests will start swarming you with congratulations, so plan your placement accordingly.

Capture the memories

No other gatherings can make this many people happy. Surprise weddings are events that squeeze a sea of emotions from guests. It would help to hire a professional photographer who will look for these genuine feelings and capture them for you. Alternatively, you can ask any guest who has a decent camera phone to take photos of the whole ceremony. 

Keep anxiety at bay

Even if professionals organize your surprise wedding, there is no guarantee that everything will go smoothly. Accept all possible issues that might arise along the way and have no worries. After all, it's not a typical wedding. Unpredictability, spontaneity, and lack of control are inherent in any surprise wedding.  

You can hardly find couples who have regretted their decision to have a surprise wedding. Choosing this ceremony format saves your family from pre-wedding worries and avoids inappropriate advice and obsessive help — no pathos or pomposity. In the moment of truth, just let yourself go and enjoy the extraordinary feelings of joy of those around you.

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