How to play casino not on Gamstop?

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Betbeard is a great non-gamstop casino that accepts UK players irrespective of their status.

Playing at non gamstop casinos is a fun way for self-excluded players to enjoy their gambling hobby before their exclusion period ends. So before coming back to the big question, of how to play in a non gamstop casino, let's go over the entire topic as it affects thousands of British punters. Few major questions arise, and I will try to answer them comprehensively and to the best of my abilities. First, one that comes to mind is what is Gamstop? Well, if you don't know what that is, then I guess this article is not for you.

What is Gamstop?

Gamstop is the organisation tackling problem gamblers within the UK. It is assigned by the UK Gambling Commission to prevent problem gamblers from playing online casinos. Gamstop is effective in its terms as once a player requests self-exclusion, he will not be able to play at any UK online casino for a specific period. That's right, Gamstop distributes gamblers details to all online casinos that are licensed with the UK and forces them to decline and close accounts of such clients. In other words, once you sign to Gamstop, that the end of the online casino experience as you know it, you will no longer be part of the well-known UK brands. There are numerous stories of people regretting after signing to Gamstop, but the scheme is right in its way, has its rules and cannot be changed.

How to Cancel Gamstop?

There is no way you can cancel Gamstop before its expiration date. You will have to wait for your self-exclusion to end, and even then, you will have to explicitly call them and ask them to cancel gamstop. Before removing you from their list, you will be prompted to answer questions about your gambling behaviour, and you will have to wait for a further 24h before your account in Gamstop is closed and you can play casino as much as you want. That 24h are used as an additional cooling off period where you have the chance to resubscribe and avoid gambling for another period of your choice. Anyway, if you have decided that you want to cancel Gamstop subscription you will probably not take advantage of that feature.

Once the 24h pass then you are free to make accounts in UK online casinos and play slots, what do I mean you can play slots? Well, some casinos will allow you to play while others might impose further restrictions stating that they are responsible gambling operators and even if your Gamstop subscription is over, they are still not allowing you to be their client. In such case your option is limited, you can try another UK online casino or might as well give it a go in one of the non gamstop casinos that accept UK players irrespective of their Gamstop status.

How to Get around Gamstop?

Getting around Gamstop is simple and easy, even if you have subscribed to their scheme you can always play in a non gamstop casino. Betbeard for example offers its UK customers the opportunity not only to play but also to use VPN so they can open more slots. There are many casinos not on Gamstop which will guarantee you good fun on the slots. These casinos are located abroad and are not licensed under the UK Gambling Commission hence they don't follow Gamstop regulations.

They work around the globe and offer great bonuses, dedicated to the UK market. Their international experience allows them to understand and fulfil clients demands. Before depositing ask them what bonus they can offer you, as a secret, I will tell you that when I asked betbeard casino support, they gave me free spins after my first deposit.

Is it Legal to Play in a Casino not on Gamstop?

Yes, it is legal, as explained earlier these casinos are licensed abroad, they have more relaxed rules and offer great bonus incentives. To maximise your experience, you must open a crypto wallet, preferably bitcoin so you can deposit and withdraw instantly. There is no verification for bitcoin casinos, so no one will know your Gamstop status, when you add the fact that you can use VPN to hide your location, then it becomes clear that avoiding Gamstop is easy and on top of it is legal. To be certain, before depositing I suggest you contact their support and be upfront with them, tell them your story, tell them you are from the UK, you are self-excluded, but you changed your mind. There is nothing better than being honest with the casino so you are sure you are not breaking their terms and you will be paid once you hit the slots big.

Are Non Gamstop Casinos Safe?

Yes, casinos outside Gamstop are completely safe, they are licensed in Curacao or any other foreign jurisdiction, they value their reputation as much as any other UK casino and will pay winnings. Most bitcoin casinos offer extremely fast withdrawals, so on average, it takes around 10 minutes from the moment you request the funds, to the moment they are in your bitcoin wallet. UK casinos are much slower in processing payments, and they will ask for countless amounts of documents if a customer wins big. So, in short, yes these casinos are safe, they offer great bonuses, a wide range of slots, and they allow players to use a VPN for their convenience and to open even more slot games. 

Can I Play Casino Not on Gamstop?

It's time to come back to the main question, you have waited enough to hear the answer. Yes, irrespectively of your Gamstop status, there are online casinos that will accept you as a customer. Bear in mind that Gamstop limits only your online casino game, but if you want to play at some land-based casino you are free to do so. At the same time, although challenging, choosing a bitcoin casino is rewarding as they offer many slot games, different roulette tables and some of these casinos even offer sportsbooks, so you can place sports bets.

In conclusion, I will point out that although hard, Gamstop is avoidable and people signed for the scheme can still play casinos both online and land-based, provided they follow the guidelines and play in non gamstop casinos.

Strength & Weaknesses of Non Gamstop Slots

In this part, I will examine the pros and cons of playing in a non-gamstop casino. Of course, there are many of them on both sides of the coin, there are fierce non gamstop supporters and strong opposition as well, the topic is hot and arguments are very debatable so the research promises to be exciting. So without any more waste of your time, let's start with the strength and why should enjoy casinos during your self-exclusion period.

Change of Mind

People change their minds, it is natural, one day you don't want to play casino and on the other, you want to have some fun, and it is unfair to be stuck in a self-exclusion trap for five years. That is where non gamstop casinos come in handy, as they are always available to those who want to play but are not allowed to do so.

Unreasonably Long Self Exclusion

Gamstop offers three exclusion options and the shortest is 6 months. Can you imagine not playing a casino for 6 months? What if you change your mind and feel perfectly safe to play earlier than the end of your self-exclusion? In a non gamstop casino you can play slots anytime without restrictions.

After talking about the strengths of all Gamstop casinos, let's move our attention to their weaknesses, yes there are some weaknesses. The first one is that you are breaking your own will while playing casino again. You probably have self-excluded yourself for a reason, and you should be careful about that. Please gamble responsibly and at your own risk, on top of that, you might need some time to cool off before playing casino again. 

Overall the benefits are fast more than the drawbacks of such online casinos and include fast withdrawals, great casino bonuses, relaxed rules and no verifications. Further strong pieces are the abundance of slot games and the great customer service.

Are there any good non GamStop casinos?

There are many good casinos outside Gamstop, you just have to look for them and choose the right one for you. Check out their bonuses before depositing and ask them to ensure they accept self-excluded UK citizens.

What gambling sites are not covered by GamStop?

All internationally licensed casinos are not covered by Gamstop as the scheme is only for UK based sites, working under the UK Gambling Commission.

Can I remove myself from GamStop?

No, there is no way you can remove yourself before your chosen expiration period, all you can do is choose a foreign casino, preferably accepting bitcoin.

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