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Betbeard is a not gamstop casino allowing UK players that have been self-excluded to play slots, live casino and bet on sports. Betbeard is the best non gamstop casino because of its large selection of slot games, huge bonuses and great customer service complimented with a state-of-art sportsbook.

So guys if you've ended up here that means you have self-excluded from Gamstop and now you are searching for a good non gamstop casino to play on. No matter whether you are a slot lover, a blackjack master or a sports betting punter there is a non gamstop casino for each of you. The question is how to find the best casino not on gamstop? That's why I am writing that article so I can help you in determining for you which non gamstop casino to try first.

Why Play Non Gamstop Casino?

Before getting to the fun part of researching and analyzing non gamstop slots, and casinos that allow self-exclude players I want to ask you a few things. Why did you unsubscribe from gamstop? Is it because you got tired from playing casino? Or is it due to some other gambling issue you might have? Please if you feel you have a gambling problem, stop reading my article now. This article is only for players who can control their gambling behaviour and can play non gamstop casino responsibly. If you have been unsubscribed by mistake from Gamstop then you are welcome to read this article so you can find your favourite casino outside the gamstop self-exclusion scheme. 

Did you know that thousands of Brits are in the same situation, and even worse, many of them unsubscribed from Gamstop without knowing the full consequences and unaware that gamstop cannot be cancelled early? There are thousands of UK casino players that want to cancel Gamstop, but are stuck and have to wait until their self-exclusion expires which in some cases might be up to 5 years. Gamstop scheme is very taught to recreational players and once someone signs for the scheme there is no return, so what are your casino options if you have self-excluded by Gamstop? I will cover that part later in the article where I will explain what aspects of the casino world are covered by Gamstop schemes such as the UK online casinos and what is not such as land-based casinos, offline betting shops and non gamstop casinos.

Before continuing with the main analysis I want to stress once again that this non gamstop casino article is produced only for informational purposes for players who feel they are in control of their gambling, if you feel you can't gamble responsibly and for fun then please stop reading or use t only as informational material, do not try to avoid gamstop by playing in non gamstop casinos or land-based casinos as this will not help solve your financial issues.

Not Gamstop alternative to UK Casinos

So next in this article I will talk about the current UK gambling environment and the position of casinos not on gamstop in it. It is fact there is no denial, that casinos are currently an important part of the UK gambling world. Players are happy that they have an alternative to the well-known UK brands, which in turn is increasing the competition and improving the UK online casinos as a whole. So let's talk about these non gamstop casinos for a second, as they are offering a good product that competes on equal merits with the online casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Casinos not on gamstop are licensed and regulated abroad giving them more flexibility and making them more competitive than their UK counterparts. How are non gamstop casinos better than the UK ones? Not gamstop casinos offer better bonuses and incentives for players, as they are not allowed to advertise freely in the UK, they search for alternative ways to increase their customer base, one such way is by offering more slot games, and better bonuses. How are Casinos Not on Gamstop offering better bonuses? Foreign casinos that are not part of the Gamstop scheme are licensed abroad in tax havens such as Malta and Curacao, thus enabling them to pass on those savings to customers in the form of bonuses and more slot providers. 

As casinos are not licensed in the UK and accepting Gamstop self-excluded players are not allowed to advertise freely, their only option remains to offer a significantly better casino product than local operators so they can compete with them. Not gamstop casinos offer more slot games as they are not restricted by geographical regulations that the UK Gambling commission impose on local operators. Late in the article, I will draw some conclusions on the benefits and drawbacks of non gamstop casinos, but for now, I will leave it like that. Essentially without Gamstop casinos are passing more playing time to their players, because they pay lower taxes in foreign jurisdictions, which make them more competitive with the local online casinos holding a UKGC license.

Once again let me emphasize how important is that if you feel that you have any gambling problem, you read this article only for informational purposes, I am providing the content to players who have regretted Gamstop self-exclusion and want to enjoy their casino game responsibly.

How to Stop Gamstop?

Did you know that Gamstop self-exclusion scheme cannot be cancelled early? Well, there are a few ways you can play casino during your gamstop self-exclusion period, the first is to play in a land-based casino, the second is to play in a casino not on Gamstop and the third is to play in an offline betting shop. I will cover how to avoid gamstop later in the article when you will find out how to play casinos outside gamstop.

So to come back to my earlier thought, there are thousands of Brits in the same situation, locked in the Gamstop scheme, as most of them didn't know that Gamstop cannot be cancelled, and once they subscribed they realised that they can't practice their casino hobby anymore. That brings me to my earlier statement about the power Gamstop has on today's UK gambling environment, without it there wouldn't be the non gamstop casinos, which enhance the competition and the end product to the regular UK online casino player. The same cannot be said for the land-based casinos which are thriving outside the gamstop scheme any self-excluded UK online casino player can immediately on the same day, go to a land-based casino and continue to play slots there. That raises some major concerns about Gamstop effectiveness which will be tackled later in the analysis.

Play in Non Gamstop Casino

So guys, how do you see the UK gambling landscape in the future? Do you think Gamstop has its merits inside it? Or would you suggest that the whole self-exclusion system in the UK is flawed and Gamstop is merely transferring online casino players from UK licensed gambling houses to not gamstop casinos, which are the main beneficiary of the scheme? And here my question is: are non gamstop casinos, really the biggest winner from the Gamstop self-exclusion program. What is your opinion as casino players on the topic? Should Gamstop cancel its services?

So after this brief introduction to the UK gamstop landscape, I will now focus on the main questions that bring the attention of the mass casino player. So let's start with what is Gamstop.

I assume the majority of you guys, already know but to reach the peak, I will need to explain the basics first. What is a not gamstop casino? How does no gamstop casino work? These are all topics I will cover in this material plus many more.

Let's start with the basic definition of gamstop, what is its purpose and why it exists, then we will move on to how casinos not on Gamstop can be used by players who regret self-excluding themselves. So guys, without further delay let's move to the serious stuff, does anybody know what is Gamstop?

What is Gamstop?

Gamstop is the UK institution responsible for limiting problem gamblers playing in online UK casinos. In other words, gamstop is prohibiting UK players that signed to the scheme to play in any UK regulated online casino. Why do I say UK online casino? Because Gamstop is a UK institution assigned by the UK Gambling Commission to maintain a safe and responsible gambling environment. Thus Gamstop has no control over foreign casinos based outside the UK, or what we like to call the non gamstop casino. A non gamstop casino is any online casino that accepts UK players signed to the Gamstop scheme and are currently on their self-exclusion period. As we discussed earlier there are thousands of people who signed to Gamstop while unaware that this action will prohibit them from plying at their favourite UK online casino brands. So to make it clear if you sign to Gamstop you will lose access to casinos such Bet365, Paddy Power, William Hill and other UK brands, but you will still be able to log in and play in foreign online casinos accepting UK players and not following the Gamstop rules.

How Gamstop Works?

Gamstop uses a centralised system of self-exclusion that allows UK casino players to exclude themselves for a specific period from all UK licensed online casinos. It is very easy to use Gamstop, signing to the scheme takes just a couple of minutes, and can save thousands of pounds for people who are gambling addicts or just want help quit gambling on UK sites. Gamstop is so successful because it is promoted by the UKGC and it is now unlawful for online casinos registered in the UK to not obey the Gamstop self-exclusion program.

Every UK licensed online casino has to access to the Gamstop scheme, and once you sign for it, all casinos immediately receive your information and are aware that they are not allowed to accept you as their customer, In other words, once you sign to Gamstop you cannot bet any more in any UK online casino. But wait for a second; I hear you are asking me, where can I play if I am self-excluded from Gamstop? The answer is you can play in all offline casinos in the UK, or other words, the so-called land-based casinos. Gamstop is merely excluding you from the online casinos but has no impact on the offline betting shops. Offline betting shops have other limitations such as max stakes of the slots of one pound, which is to protect gambling addicts who want to have the thrill of playing casino without spending too much money. So again the question remains, how effective is Gamstop in limiting UK gamblers playing casinos when they can play slots in non gamstop casinos, land-based casinos, and offline betting shops.

Gamstop is a very good tool for limiting casino players who have no control over their gambling behaviour, as the scheme blocks them from entering online casinos in the UK. Most self-exclude people are unaware of the existence of not gamstop casinos, hence they are not playing in any online casinos during their exclusion period.

How to Register to Gamstop?

Registering to Gamstop is easy, just enter their website and click on the right Sign in button, then you can put your email and password. Gamstop excludes you, not your email so casinos will be responsible if they allow you to play with another email. The next step of the Gamstop registration process is very important as you will have to provide your documents. The more documents you send and the more information you provide, the less likely you will be to play in an online casino again, as it will be easier for both Gamstop and the casinos to control your betting behaviour. Even though you can still play in casinos without Gamstop, it is always good to verify and block yourself from as many casinos as possible and to make it as hard as possible for you to play again. Although those UK online casinos have to try and make every reasonable effort to block you if you try to cheat them you might succeed which will jeopardize your efforts to quit playing online casinos in the first place.

How long is Gamstop Exclusion?

Once you sign up to Gamstop you can choose the period of self-exclusion, although the choice is yours, your main options are three. To sign up to Gamstop for 6 months, 2 years and 5 years. Now imagine five years without online gambling, that's a pretty long time, so the next question arises, How can I play casino outside Gamstop? It is clear that people change their minds, and even if you wanted to self-exclude a couple of years before, you may now want to change your mind and play some casino slots once again. You don't need to go to Vegas to do that, so no worries. There is an easier way to gamble while on your self-exclusion period and that is called not gamstop casinos, these are betting websites that are not following Gamstop principles and will allow you to play casino there.

Can I Cancel Gamstop Early?

No, Gamstop can't be cancelled early; neither you can avoid Gamstop nor remove it, once you have self-excluded you have to wait for the entire exclusion period to expire. My suggestion when signing for the first time to Gamstop, that's right the first time, you can sign multiple times to Gamstop, anyway my suggestion is to exclude for 6 months so you see how it is and then when it expires, you feel better you can extend you Gamstop exclusion. Even when Gamstop expires, you will not be removed from the list automatically, nor will you receive a notification that Gamstop period has ended. You will remain signed until you manually ask Gamstop to remove you from their list. The idea is that you are not encouraged to think about the scheme and how can you play online casinos. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that during your exclusion period you can freely play casinos, not on Gamstop.

What gambling sites are not covered by GamStop?

Bitcoin sites are not covered by Gamstop as well as all foreign online casinos as Gamstop is solely a British entity and has no control over online casinos based in foreign jurisdictions. To sum up, crypto casinos that don't ask for verification are your best bet when searching for a casino outside gamstop.

This article was written in cooperation with Non Gamstop Corp