How to stake small money and win big in online sports betting

When you ask random bettors what they think about online sports betting.

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

When you ask random bettors what they think about online sports betting, many are often of the opinion that sports betting is just like a little kid; the more gifts (money) you stretch at it, the more it smiles back at you. 

But is this really true? You may wonder. Well, if there's anything we've learned from the history of sports betting, it is that your chances of success aren't always directly linked to the magnitude of your stakes. In fact, while some people have struggled to win anything even with their big stakes, many others have staked very little money and won millions.

So instead of likening it to a little kid, a much better comparison would be to say that online sports betting is like a young lady, and the more you know about her, the better your chances of winning her over.

So if you've got very little money to go on, but you'd like to still win big at online sports betting, then you should know that your dream is pretty much realizable, only that you’ll need to think out of the box.

That said, here are the tips you need to follow whenever you want to stake little and win big.

Try to amass a significantly high number of odds

It goes without saying that for your winnings to flow like rivers and success to grow like grasses in online sports betting, you need to master the art of odd readings. What exactly does that mean, you may wonder?

Well, what it means in a nutshell is that in order to win big from small stakes, you will need to amass a great number of odds. To do this, you should always look to select those games or events that carry heavy (big) odds. Although these sorts of games often come with greater risks, they’re your best bet to reaching your ultimate goal. The logic behind this reasoning is that when you amass a significantly high number of odds, your overall accumulation increases, leading to greater stake value and potential winnings. 

Case study:

If the odd on Manchester City winning an EPL game is 1.24, and the odds of Sergio Aguero scoring is 1.84, you’re better off betting on the latter, even though it seems riskier than the former. By the time you apply this approach to about 5-6 games, you should have amassed a huge number of odds in total, huge enough to significantly multiply any amount of money you’re staking. 

Choose a reliable website

If huge wins on small stakes are what you are looking for, then you need to be ruthless in your search for a betting website. The reason for this is that while some websites have got a multiplicity of options for you to bet on, several others only have limited options available.

For someone looking to multiply their stakes significantly, you cannot afford to have your options limited by a website.

Take for instance, that you want to bet on multiple games, but your website only has games involving a selected number of leagues, what do you think would be the fate of your bet? Well, your chances of winning big with your small stakes are already inhibited because your choice of games will be greatly influenced by what your provider has to offer. It is in this light that many successful sports bettors recommend playing Judi Online Spbo with a reliable and option-packed sports betting website.

Case Study

Let's say you wish to add some bets – on the players to score in some particular games – to your betting slip, but your betting website doesn't offer this option, you'll have no choice than to opt for other options, many of which might carry more risks than your primary options.

Focus on a specialty

Without any doubt, it is great fun to bet on a range of games and sports, but successful bettors often focus on a specialty. For example, you may have a great history of wins while wagering on football or rugby. Similarly, the Super Bowl may be a record-breaking event for your online betting timeline. Some bettors are great at point spreads while others do well while predicting overs or under or draws. Everything boils down to identifying your core strength and capitalizing on it if you want to become a truly successful bettor even with small stakes. At the same time, you can deviate from it periodically to try your luck, keep the excitement on and explore a new area of expertise.

Learn from your mistakes

Even seasoned bettors are at risk of losing or making mistakes. The fact that you are able to accept them and see them as a lesson goes a long way in making you a solid bettor in the long run. Identify the areas where you went wrong and try to understand the alternative actions that could have got you better results. Assess your risk factors every time you place a bet because a responsible approach is essential to survive and have a lucrative run for the long haul. Also, remember that learning in the betting domain never stops because it is evolving. So you should keep pace with the latest technologies and trends as well.

Bet on multiples

Alternatively, you can win big from small stakes by betting on multiple games. If you don't feel too comfortable with placing your bets on heavy odds games, you can go for the simple (small) odds games. In this approach, you'll need to study and understand extensively the sports, teams, matchups, history, and players involved because you may need to spread your bet across different countries, leagues, and divisions. Although the chances of winning big are quite high with this strategy, you need to be extremely careful with your choice of bets because the risks are quite huge as well. 

Case Study:

Instead of betting on just NBA games if you were staking a huge amount of money, you may need to choose games from NBA, EPL, NFL, Boxing, Horse racing, and lots more, if you have a small amount of money to stake and you want to use the method of multiple games. Alternatively, you can also bet on just a singular sport (say football), only that you may need to diversify into different countries or leagues (say EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and so much more).