How will SG 553 Skins change in Counter-Strike 2?

  (photo credit: DMarket)
(photo credit: DMarket)

The developer Valve has already announced the release of CS2. Very soon, the new version of the shooter will be available to all users. In the meantime, many are wondering how the game will change.

Among other things, the developer said that they would improve some game elements: maps, sound effects and one of the most important: skins. What will the skins be for CS GO SG553? This rifle has become a true cult item, and its skins are collectibles. Let's dwell on some of them.

SG 553 | Bulldozer

Credit: DMarket
Credit: DMarket

The Bulldozer skin has a price slightly above average among the skins of this automatic rifle. On this skin, yellow paint has been applied to the surface of the receiver, Picatinny rail trigger guard, and front swivel. The rest of the machine is black.

In terms of wear and tear, the Well-Worn exterior has noticeable scuffs and scratches on the contrasting yellow paint. But in the new version, we see how bright the yellow has become and how well it contrasts with the black paint.

The cost of the skin starts from $114. Already with the release of CS2, we can expect that the skin will become more expensive by $20–30. Such growth can be a good chance for potential earnings.

SG 553 | Ultraviolet

Credit: DMarket
Credit: DMarket

On this skin, black paint has been applied to the surface of the receiver, the trigger guard of the Picatinny rail, and the magazine. The rest of the parts have been painted with purple paint, which, compared to the CS:GO version, is not so dull.

Previously, the color of the skin was faded close to black, but now the developers have added lighting, and this skin already clearly looks different, although there have been no external changes in terms of color.

The price of the skin depends on the exterior:

  • from $90 for Factory New;
  • from $15 for Minimal Wear;
  • from $13 for Field-Tested;
  • from $12 for Well-Worn;
  • from $13 for Battle-Scarred.

If we talk about potential growth, then the cost of this skin can increase by $3–30 depending on the exterior.

SG 553 | Pulse

Credit: DMarket
Credit: DMarket

The Pulse skin is one of the cheapest skins for this automatic rifle. On it, black paint has been applied as a background. On the surface of the background are various images in the form of pink stripes and purple colors, reminiscent of fragments.

Speaking of exteriors, it should be noted that this skin does not have a Factory New exterior. The cost of the skin is from $1.70. It is expected that the skin may rise in price by $0.50–1 due to the fact that the skin is very popular, and there may be more users in CS2. Therefore, today, it is worth thinking about buying skins and waiting for a market price increase for a profitable sale.

This article was written in cooperation with DMarket