How you can drive a Tesla without paying gas or maintenance

  (photo credit: PIXABAY)
(photo credit: PIXABAY)

The Tesla car has taken the Israeli car market by storm, being at the top of the list of most sold cars in the country.

The Tesla company began marketing their innovative cars on February 2021, bringing with them the gospel of innovation, luxury, technology, and a longer range of driving in comparison to other electric cars. 

Got your eye on your very own Tesla? A moment before you pack your dream up neatly and put it away in the back closet, until you get that call saying you've won the lottery, we're here with a post that might just turn everything around. Friends, a new Tesla can be yours if you want to have it! Find out about the simple way you can get to your very own Tesla car.

When the American started their fun

In the United States buying a car has become a thing of the past long ago. If we express the desire to buy a car at full price to an American colleague, they would probably roll their eyes – only a lunatic still pays full price for a car these days.

The leasing system started up on the American continent and now most car owners in the United States are paying for it monthly.

It is on this idea that the company Carizma Motors got its start, when the owner decided to import this genius idea so that Israeli citizens could enjoy the possibility of having a car through a set monthly payment. What Americans don’t know, is that Carizma Motors took this idea one step further, and today is offering the private leasing plan. Well, you might ask, what is the private leasing plan?  

Private leasing – why is it considered a breakthrough in the world of car finance deals?

One of the weak points of the leasing system is the fact that in a deal where the client registers as 01 hand on the car, they do get to enjoy the car for a period of time, but then reality hits them in face: the value of the car has decreased significantly in value at the point of returning the car.

Carizma Motors private leasing offers a fundamentally different deal: receive a new car with 00 private ownership, registered directly under your name, which allows for ensuring the maximum preservation of the value of the car. It's been 30 months? This is the time to trade in or upgrade to a different car while the extra savings from not losing any value on the car goes right into your pocket.   

Why go broke buying a car, if you can pay for it like you would any monthly usage product?

The private leasing system gives each one of us the opportunity to get a brand-new car straight from the production line, with a set monthly payment. Friends there are no surprises, everything is decided on and known ahead of time, and to tell the truth, you also don't need a big budget to begin with.

Do you know the phrase "have your cake and eat it too"? The Carizma Motors company turns the phrase on its head when they mean it unironically: with a private leasing deal the costumer can certainly enjoy all the benefits: you get to trade in a car after each cycle of use like the regular leasing system, and you also enjoy not losing money on the decreased value of the car.

You can cancel the deal at any time, no fees or small print involved. Guys, are you also asking yourselves where you've been until today?!

Now it's official: official importer warranty

Using the Carizma Motors leasing deals, you are entitled to a full warranty from the official importer for the entirety of the leasing period and more. The official importer, as is known, is required to present you with the highest standard of service according to the manufacturer's demands. This way, from now on if your gear is gone or the engine is stuttering, it's not your concern. You can make yourself a nice hot cup of coffee and stretch out on the couch with your feet up, there is someone to take care of you car for you, to the highest professional standards. 

Tesla – until today we've been dealing with toy cars

The Tesla model 3 is the highest selling car made by Tesla, it comes in 3 different versions, and is aimed at different demographics. Like the other electric cars that make gas expenditures irrelevant, the Tesla car also doesn't require gasoline at all and is charged by connecting to electric charging stations. The Tesla car requires you to pay a particularly low insurance fee, and a lower licensing fee than most other cars.

While other electric cars suffer from a limited driving range, the Tesla has a long driving range, and allows even drivers who cover many miles each day to enjoy the car. 

A little about the amazing abilities of the Tesla model 3 car

We know that just watching the Tesla cars glide elegantly on the road in an unbelievably smooth way is enough to make anyone salivate, but if you haven’t until now, it’s time to read a little bit about the shortened technical details of the Tesla cars that even the toughest of drivers won't be able to resist:

Carizma Motors offers the Tesla Model 3 in 3 levels of finishes

  (credit: PIXABAY) (credit: PIXABAY)

Tesla – basic model

Tesla model 3 Standard Range Plus – this model is equipped with one engine that outputs 306 horse power, which launches the car from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in only 5.6 seconds (less than the amount of time it takes for you to sneeze), driving range of 491 kilometers. If you are interested in a longer driving range, ride on to the next model:

Tesla – long range rides

Tesla model 3 Long Range – this car, unlike the previous version, is an x44 car – meaning it is powered by two engines that control all 4 of the cars' wheels. The engines put out up to 476 horse power, which gives the car the ability to go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.4 seconds (less than the time it takes to turn on the news). Driving range: 602 kilometers.

Tesla – the athletic type

Tesla model 3 Performance – this is the sports model and the most powerful in the model 3 series. Both power engines generate 490 horse power together and control the cars' 4 wheels. Take a deep breath, this Tesla model can launch you to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.3 seconds (you won't have time to blink), the speeding capabilities recognized from other super cars such as: Lamborghini or Ferrari. The driving range of a Performance model is 547 kilometers.

Convinced? All this good stuff can be yours!

The Carizma Motors company offers you a cheaper entry pass to the exclusive club of drivers in the new Tesla cars. In the private Tesla leasing plan you too can have your very own Tesla car at the price of a monthly payment of only 2,288 shekels, while saving a ton of money with the electricity consumption cheaper by a large margin than gas consumption. Carizma Motors sets up a personalized loan to fund the Tesla at comfortable conditions and the best returns in the leasing market. 

After 30 months you can already switch to a new car

Carizma Motors leasing deals allow you to trade in your car within 30 – 36 months, and you can choose to move from one brand to another. You're tired of Tesla and want to switch to a Toyota electric car? No problem, friends, you're the boss!

More than 100 payment methods – no, you don't need new glasses, you read that right!

The Carizma Motors company – the leading company for leasing deals in Israel, lets you pay in any way that works for you, if its direct debit, checks, out of bank avenues, and more. Carizma Motors works with the most recognized banks and funding organizations in the country, while providing a guarantee of reliability, integrity, and fairness. 

Carizma Motors – Car professors

The Carizma Motors company offers you the most profitable leasing deal in Israel, and accompanies you along the entire process. The company's people are a professional bunch, specializing in matching the right car to the needs of the client, and providing accurate consultations with no personal motives. "Like a glove" is not quite enough to describe the perfect matching of Carizma Motors cars – to your needs.

"Drive safe buddy, the keys are in the ignition"

Hey, you there, it's time to move to the best leasing deal for you, and personally enjoy one of the quality car models (Carizma Motors holds an inventory of over 1000 different models) Carizma Motors have to offer. How can you do this? Choose the perfect car for you with professional dedicated consulting, pay a fixed low monthly sum, and you're on the wheel friends, drink with control!

This article was written in cooperation with Carizma motors