Inno Supps reviews: uncover the path to stimulate your body to produce testosterone

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(photo credit: UNSPLASH)

Everyone knows that working out does the body well, and research highlights that regular exercise can increase an individual's odds of living longer and boost their memory function. But few people have realized that regular exercise offers another great perk for men: it increases testosterone levels. 

Testosterone is responsible for several functions such as sex drive, mood regulation and development of hair. As you can see, it's a pretty important hormone in men regarding their well-being and health. If you’re an adult man, you probably know that testosterone levels begin to decline by 1-2% after you turn 30 and continue to drop until they reach a very low level, around 50 years of age. Therefore, looking for ways to stimulate your body to stimulate testosterone healthy for as long as possible is crucial. 

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone responsible for several physical characteristics found in adult males. It is important in muscle strength, bone maintenance and reproduction. 

However, testosterone isn't found only in men; both males and females have it. In males, the testicles mainly produce testosterone, while in females, the ovaries make it, but in a smaller amount. As mentioned earlier, testosterone surges during puberty and begins to decline around age 30. Testosterone is usually associated with sex drive as it has an essential role in sperm production, but it also impacts how men store fat in their bodies, build muscle mass and produce red blood cells. Research shows that low levels of testosterone also affect males’ moods. 

Why should you look for ways to increase your testosterone levels?

According to Inno Supps, testosterone levels greatly impact the most important processes in a male body. Increasing testosterone levels can improve vitality and facilitate muscle mass gains, so it's essential for men to look for ways to stimulate testosterone production naturally. Inno Supps Reviews reveal that the T-Drive supplements provide testosterone support as they contain essential nutrients that facilitate healthy testosterone production, boost energy levels, and increase vitality. On their website, we find the results of a 90-day pilot study where 46 male patients with a low sperm count used 675 mg of KSM-66® daily, and at the end of the pilot, they registered a 167% increase in sperm count, 17% boost in serum testosterone levels, 53% increase in semen volume, and 57% surge in sperm motility. The researchers think the study shows that testosterone supplements with ashwagandha root extract are safe and efficacious. 

If you’re an adult male over 30, it's crucial to look for healthy ways to stimulate and support testosterone production because testosterone impacts several aspects of your well-being and health. 

More muscle and less fat

Testosterone plays an essential role in muscle mass, so if you're passionate about fitness, it's important to maintain optimal testosterone levels. You can boost your energy levels and manage your weight if you have a leaner body mass. Studies reveal that men with low testosterone experience a decrease in muscle size and strength and an increase in fat mass. Males report a change in their body structure once they use supplements, so combining exercise and strength training with testosterone therapy and supplements is recommended. 

Improved red blood cell production

You need a healthy heart to pump blood to your body and provide your organs and muscles with the necessary oxygen for peak performance. Testosterone is crucial in keeping your heart healthy because it helps red blood cell production through your bone marrow. If you have low testosterone levels, you're at risk of cardiovascular issues. 

Stronger bones

Testosterone also impacts bone mineral density. Your bone density decreases as your testosterone levels get lower, which increases the risk of osteoporosis and weak bones. Strong bones support muscle growth and improve your athletic performance. 

Better libido

Men with high levels of testosterone report having a healthy sex life. But because testosterone naturally decreases with age, males over 30 need to maintain normal, healthy testosterone levels or face erectile function issues and low libido. 

What is the connection between testosterone and exercising?

Now that you know that testosterone plays a paramount role in sex drive and muscle development, we can dive deeper into the connection between testosterone and exercising. As much as you wish you could, it's impossible to stop time, but you have some power over your T levels, especially with tools like T-Drive. A consistent workout regimen paired with effective supplements can increase testosterone levels and increase mass muscle gain. You can prevent the drop in testosterone levels associated with age if you train regularly because specialists believe that the slow decline of testosterone isn't necessarily the main cause for the decrease in muscle, but rather the absence of a training stimulus. The real problem is that you don't work out frequently to boost your muscle mass and don't consume the necessary nutrients to maintain your metabolism and body strength. 

A series of exercises can even spike a surge in testosterone levels for a short period during and after the workout. And even if the increase lasts only for a couple of hours, your body is able to maintain the muscle-supporting benefits for a more extended period. Therefore, if you fuel your body with essential supplements and train your muscles, your body will thank you in the long run. The two types of exercise that give a T boost are explosive plyometric training and heavy resistance training. So, if you are experiencing a decline in testosterone, pair a nutritious diet with the necessary supplements and alternate plyometric routines with strength training. 

The last words

Declining T levels are natural with aging, but you can definitely manage the process and maintain high testosterone levels for a longer period. 

This article was written in cooperation with Inno Supps