Jewish Rapper Triple The Mogul Teams Up With Sean Kingston To Start Pro Boxing League For Rappers

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Jewish rapper Triple The Mogul has teamed up with world-famous hip hop artist Sean Kinston to form a professional boxing league for rappers. Per The Blast, Kingston is keen on transcending the music industry and will try his hands in boxing, having launched the Professional Rapper Boxing League (PRBL) alongside Triple The Mogul, who is also a music agent.
The publication has learned that there are a number of rappers who have expressed an interest in participating in fights once things get kickstarted, with Soulja Boy reported to be one such performer.
Triple The Mogul, whose real name is Robert Jeffery Levy, has exclusively told Jpost the idea came about after Souljah Boy and Chris Brown planned to box three years ago.
“In 2017, when Chris Brown and Soulja Boy were going to box, I always thought it was an interesting idea to focus on the story element to boxing,” he explained. “I realized that boxing has three main components: violence and Physical Injury, competitiveness in skill, and a beef/storyline.”
As mentioned above, Levy is of Jewish origin. He was born in Queens, New York, and moved to Long Island at age 10. He has lived in Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut, south of Tel Aviv, for 10 months, from August 2013 to June 2014.
Levy, 25, released his first hip-hop mixtape called Madoff Monopoly in 2013. The collection featured his first song, “Bernie Madoff Familia,” a remix to Rick Ross’s “B.M.F”. He released a second mixtape that same year branded Rich Off My Yichus. The following year, Levy formed a working relationship with Cash Money Record’s Birdman after taking a meeting on the star’s tour bus. He released a music video to his song, “Gold Kippah,” in 2016; the video has attracted over 1 million views on WorldStarHipHop and various other platforms.
The rapper and agent has since taken up various other business ventures such as real estate and online swing trading.
The idea for PRBL really gained traction after Kingston began having boxing events at his Hollywood mansion, with the likes of rappers YK Osiris and Lil Tjay taking part.
“I saw footage of Lil Tjay and Trippie Redd boxing; I observed the public interest and saw how good the production value looked,” Triple The Mogul said.
“I spoke to Sean about it and we started the PRBL. One of the reasons, which Sean was very passionate about, was ending gun violence in the black community so rappers can use hands instead of guns to settle their differences. I think this will be a great step in that direction.”
Kingston (real name Kisean Anderson) and Triple The Mogul are reported to have attracted a number of wealthy investors. Combat sports companies like Top Rank and Zuffa, LLC are also thought to be interested in backing the venture. The pair have personally invested $10 million each and have raised nearly $50 million so far and they want for things to be well underway by the time the NBA season restarts in July.
Fights will continue to take place at Kingston’s mansion but it’s expected that other gyms and arenas will be used as things move along.
Levy says there are no plans to attract TV rights at the moment, however, PRBL is open to the prospect. The current plan is to make fights available via a website that fans will have to subscribe to. The rappers are also looking to include an online betting component that will allow punters to wager on matches and they’re currently in talks with Bovada to get their fights included in the bookmakers' sports betting section.
“We are revolutionizing the sport,” Levy added. “In the past, big fights (for example Soulja Boy and Chris Brown) have gotten held up because of drug tests and live gates. But here, because we control it, we can put on virtually any rapper fight that people wanna see and give it a “raw, street fight” element without potentially needing a ring, drug testing, or even an audience.”