Johan Feder: A Businessman with A Sensitive Heart of an Artist

 (photo credit: JOHAN FEDER)
(photo credit: JOHAN FEDER)

Great art is born through immense pain and heartache. Vincent Van Gogh’s, the popular post-impressionist painting “The Starry Night” is a depiction of Van Gogh’s view from the east-facing window in his asylum. He painted the scenery he witnessed from his window, a few hours before dawn. His painting captures the loneliness of a sad heart, and a spiraling mind seeking coherence. This painting resonates the soul of the artist, like songs paint the heart of a singer. Johan Feder is an artist who believes in what he does. And what he does, he does with passion. He is a singer, a model, an actor and a businessman. There are only a handful of people who can pull off multiple talents, and Johan is one of them. 

Born on November 9th, 1995, in France, Johan had an inclination towards art from a young age. He first played piano when he was only 10 years old. His passion for music did not end with his age. But it only grew through the years. Soon, he learnt how to master the strings on a guitar and play the keys like a professional. His love for music came from listening to the old-school music artists like Pink Floyd and Jeff Buckley. The music of the 70s -80s had a huge impact on him, and that is what inspired him to be the musician he is today. 

Johan went to business school in London, after finishing high school. He attended BIMM, London, and then came back to France. Until then he hadn’t realized his calling. So, he decided to travel around the world and experience the wonders it holds. He adores long walks and sunsets.  So, his travels were like that of a hero in a bildungsroman novel. He met new people, and saw new places, and that awakened the artist in him. Then, he decided to attend acting school and hone his skills. 

When he completed his studies, he stepped into the acting industry. He starred on a French show Clem. And he recently has been a part of an upcoming Netflix Show which will be premiering soon. He has been spreading his wings in the French acting industry ever since, and has a long way ahead of him. Johan appeared in shows, and commercials. But it isn’t just his acting, but his heart as an artist that makes him different from others.

 Johan Feder’s obsession with good music is what pushed him to be a singer. In July, 2020, he dropped his first English single “Shipwrecked”. The song is every music lovers’ paradise. It starts with the soothing rhythm of guitar and Johan’s voice. In the chorus the song escalates, giving the listeners a chance to sing along. The lyrics goes this way -

\\” And every time that we set sail,

 I am so afraid that I will fail.

 Is it still the same? 

Is it still the same?

 I will ruin everything, 

So why do you still cling?” //

The lyrics capture the rhapsodic power of a talented lyricist. Johan has himself written, and sang the song. It is available for streaming on Spotify. Moreover, he also released a music video for “Shipwrecked”, which has garnered thousands of views. The music video of “Shipwrecked”, is an aesthetic treat for the eyes. Johan takes you to places not only through his voice but through gorgeous visuals on screen. He is now working on more music, and plans on releasing some music in French. 

Johan’s artistic talents give him the soul of a creator. But his mind is as sharp as a knife. He is also a businessman who manages the Talent Agency Tomorrowhub for the famous Sculptor Richard Orlinski. Under his management “Tomorrowhub” has thrived to its full potential. He has taken the reins of the company, and is driving it towards success under the guidance of Mr. Orlinski. 

His work at the talent agency gives him the platform to expand his reach as an artist as well. Under the tutelage of Richard Orlinski, he is working on creating a name for himself. Johan Feder has become a household name on Instagram, he has become a popular influencer with thousands of followers from across the globe. 

Apart from his gorgeous photos, Johan’s Instagram feed also has a cover song that has become quite popular. Few months back, he posted the cover of “Take me On”, by a-ha. His IGTv video earned many positive reviews. Many fans even went ahead to say in jest, that it was a-ha who stole Johan’s song. The cover is close to 100K videos on YouTube. Johan’s followers have requested him to do more covers, and he is looking forward to creating more. 

Johan is now focusing on himself, when asked what was the key to his happiness and success, he said “It is You, you have to learn to focus on yourself. You should not give someone or something else the power to control your emotions. You are your biggest asset. Nurture yourself, and trust in your power”. His sensitive soul, and his heart of a warrior have led him this far in life. He has the potential of being the next John Legend in the industry. With his subtle taste in music, and heart wrenching lyrics, Johan’s art has the ability to touch millions of hearts.