Justin Owens, the 34-year-old entrepreneur who leads by example

 (photo credit: JUSTIN OWENS)
(photo credit: JUSTIN OWENS)

Justin Owens who hails from Stockbridge Georgia is a personal growth mentor, leadership expert, and financial strategist. He discovered his path in the foreign exchange markets and teaching others. He learned valuable principles from his parents such as consistency, work ethic, how to find new clients, how to be okay with working late nights and getting out of your comfort zone. “They showed me what it takes to win in business.”

Give us a brief about your business

Justin says, his business helps people learn how to earn money through a skill set that can help them generate income without having to exchange their time for money. Justin’s team developed over a dozen 6- figure earners in just three and a half years. “I teach people how to overcome stereotypes and create their narrative. I have been teaching people how to invest in digital currency as well as leadership development, and marketing consulting all within that same business. I’ve been able to be a part of a business that grosses 8- figures a year in sales with this concept.”

Justin has been inspired by many people

Owens says that business was inspired more by people than actual companies. Leaders such as Bob Johnson, Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, and several others inspired his thought process and business. However, Justin has always admired Apple because of the simplicity behind their brand that still manages to influence the lives of millions of people.

Justin shares what he has learned from his journey 

“I have learnt that I can never take my foot off the gas, there is always another level. Also, to take advantage of good opportunities as soon as they are presented to you and get as much as you can from it. “

Here is what Justin wants to share

Some advice that he wants to give is to start a business by taking guidance from someone that is winning, someone that has the results that you desire. Then do exactly what they tell you to do. A lot of people make the mistake of getting the right information and not applying it.

He advises to be a good mentee, focus on communication skills. Also, he says never stop learning, never stop moving, and once you make it, stay humble. 

When asked him about his business plans

Owens’ goal is to develop 100 Chairmen and six-figure traders in 2021. “I have a motto-Start local finish global." He wants to partner with companies in the areas of technology and real estate. He wants to focus on funding ministries that are doing missionary work.