Kelly Wing Shares How One Connection Can Open Many Doors

“Many people find it hard to reach out to people to ask for what they want"

 (photo credit: KELLY WING)
(photo credit: KELLY WING)
In today’s hyper-connected world where we have access to millions at any time, it’s now more important than ever for entrepreneurs to leverage connections to help grow their businesses faster.

Traditionally we’ve been led to believe that business is best done on our own, in our own way, and that we don’t need the help or support of others.

Now that more social media apps are catching fire, especially in more recent times with apps such as Clubhouse, we are gaining even greater levels of access to those we have never previously been able to access with such ease. Even Silicon Valley business leaders and experts are easily accessible through Clubhouse.

Kelly Wing, founder of digital media platform Ohwabisabi is a master content curator who curates the content of conscious creators and thought-leaders, providing them with a platform to share their messages, stories, and insights to a growing fan-base of thousands across the globe.

In the media world, Kelly has experienced that one connection can open many doors - hundreds in fact, when done in the right way and leveraging partnerships that create a win-win situation for all parties involved. This can be applied to any industry or any business to achieve the same or similar level of results.

“Many people find it hard to reach out to people to ask for what they want. I know I struggled with this for a long time when I placed a lot of people on pedestals, thinking that I had no place to reach out to them. What I soon came to realise is that there were in fact ways in which I could offer them value as well which made them open up to me a lot more and I built a lot of strong relationships this way.”

Kelly’s entire business was built on connections and networks since day 1. Having scaled her business to 5-figure a month profit by month 4, she is not confident she would have achieved the same level of success had she tried to do it all on her own.

“It’s important to give first, then ask later. At the start of my business, I did a lot of work for free. I even did work where I lost money - not to mention a lot of time and energy was spent doing this. The people I helped for free ended up respecting me and some have even turned into paying clients due to that extra layer of respect and trust that I am able to carry out a job to a high standard.”

Even to this day, Kelly still offers free value or free services for nothing in return, if she values the relationship with that person - and more importantly she admires the work that person brings to the world. “These people even begin to refer people to me, so it all comes back in the form of good karma.”