Las Vegas Restaurant, The X Pot, Gives New Meaning To Dinner and a Show

Las Vegas’s, The X Pot, provides customers with a perfect and socially distanced way to experience quality cuisine and entertainment.

The X Pot (photo credit: THE X POT)
The X Pot
(photo credit: THE X POT)
All-new, futuristic Asian fusion restaurant, The X Pot, is the perfect addition to the Las Vegas entertainment scene. The X Pot provides guests with a wide variety of performances including ancient Chinese “face-changing” ceremonies, unique noodle dances, and table animation shows. To keep customers safe, all groups are strategically seated 6 ft apart and all employees and performers are required to wear masks at all times.

Since opening in August 2020, The X Pot is a featured restaurant located at the Grand Canal Shoppes, inside The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. This high-tech, one of a kind hot pot restaurant offers both an interactive dining and entertainment experience.

Paying homage to the Sichuan Opera, the ancient practice of Bian Lian, simply known as a “face-changing” ceremony, is a key performance element at The X Pot. Coupled with dramatic music and colorful costumes, the Bian Lian ceremony is meant to give X Pot diners illusions of magic. 

“We want this to be an immersive dining experience,” states co-founder David Zhao when discussing the entertainment and high-tech nature of The X Pot. “There will be music playing, visual projections on the walls and on the tables, along with classic Chinese performances.” 

The X Pot also features a unique “Noodle Dance,” popularized in China. As one of the first dining spots in the U.S to highlight this dance, The X Pot staff will create elaborate performances by stretching dough into 10-foot-long ribbons.

Apart from live performances, The X Pot plans to present 5D animations, through a $1 million projection system, to create optical illusions right on your dinner table. Curated by the intelligence of Disney artists, cartoon animations will take guests on a synchronized, culinary tour of the hot pot experience.

It’s clear The X Pot has no shortage of entertainment, making this restaurant a perfect addition to the lavish Las Vegas community.  For more information please visit