Lennart Krech Takes Pride in His Company for Helping Clients Achieve Massive Growth

Lennart Krech, a young and successful entrepreneur and founder of two businesses

 (photo credit: LENNART KRECH)
(photo credit: LENNART KRECH)
Lennart Krech, a young and successful entrepreneur and founder of two businesses, sheds light on his aggressive growth approach while handling clients, and elaborates his plans on how he wants to keep succeeding and growing in the marketing world.

Lennart Krech always had an aptitude for business, ever since he was a teenager. He even attempted to try out marketing and decided to set up his own social media agency when he was in high school - although things didn’t go according to plan. Despite the initial failure, Lennart took it as a learning curve, and now, after years of constantly learning, training, and polishing his skills, he has reached a stage where he has successfully managed to start his second business as well.

His success has spoken for itself as he recently started his second business. The second venture is about building social media following, primarily on Instagram, and eventually monetizing the audience. Due to Krech’s consistent hard work and patience over the years, he is finally reaping the rewards of his labor, as the young entrepreneur now owns 17 brands and has a loyal following of 3.1 million – which is constantly rising - on social media.

“We own the biggest Instagram Education platform in the world the “IG Elites” and our marketing agency LPA Media LLP confidently helps our clients (celebrities and brands, for example, a very well known actress and Swiss luxury brands) to become well-known, not only on social media,” says Lennart Krech.

Lennart Krech has succeeded to make his mark in the marketing world, after years of constantly working hard, learning new skills, and keeping up to date with the ins and outs of social media marketing. He makes sure he implements new and at the same time foolproof strategies to help his clients, which is also the reason why he has gained such immense trust from people in a short period.

What’s important is that he makes sure that his company delivers its services all the way, and that his clients don’t settle for anything less than what they had hoped for.

“Our dogma is: money follows attention, we don’t want your business to be “relevant” in today’s digitalized world - we want everyone to know about it,” says Lennart Krech.

He desires complete market domination for his clients as he does for himself, hence the application of his aggressive growth approach in social media marketing.

“Our client testimonials and client names speak for themselves. Since we started, we did not lose A SINGLE one of our marketing clients, we use our aggressive growth approach to not only make our clients happy but also make us more money with the education platform,” explains Lennart.

Despite the success of the two businesses, Lennart never stops aiming to become a better version of himself than what he was the day before. One lesson that he has learned through his experience over the years is that all a person has, in the end, is his identity. So one should never stop working on themselves, as it leads to being better at business and client handling because one is constantly learning.