Let’s find out: is poker more popular among Europeans or Americans?

Poker is a well-known game with several variants that are enjoyed across the globe. Is poker more popular in Europe or in the USA? Let’s find out...

  (photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. The advent of its online variant has further boosted the popularity of this skill-based card game. 

There are several reasons why poker is loved by countries and cultures across the globe. One of the principal appeals of poker is that it’s a game where skill comes into play and it’s not just a matter of blind luck. So, if you’re actually good at playing poker, you can very well make a lucrative living out of it. 

What’s more, poker is a competitive game and high-stakes tournaments are even broadcast on some TV channels which increases the popularity of the game. In fact, some poker players are akin to celebrities, particularly in the US. 

Since it’s considered a game of skill, poker has been legalized in many jurisdictions around the globe, even if gambling games of chance are not legal in these places. Basically, it is not categorized as gambling in some countries. 

Furthermore, the game of poker has a social element to it. It’s not a game where you play just against the dealer. You need other people at the table even if you’re playing online. You can play with family, friends, strangers or other competitive poker players. Humans are social animals, and it helps that poker provides such a game setting. 

Poker is part of our culture in some parts of the world. We make references  to it in everyday life to describe certain contexts and situations. There are even tons of movies and TV shows that are based primarily around poker or where poker is one of the key elements. 

When it comes to online poker, this variation comes with its own set of advantages. It’s not only highly accessible and convenient, but many online poker rooms and casinos even offer terrific bonuses to players. It’s a fact that any no deposit casino deemed trustworthy - irrespective of whether it’s based in the USA or Europe, is expected to offer its players at least a small selection of premium range poker games in different variants. After all, this game has been around since the 17th century and has managed to maintain its popularity till this day. That’s why it’s sometimes difficult to pin down where it’s most popular– is poker more popular in the US or in Europe? Let’s find out. 

The Poker Laws in the US are more relaxed

Initially, stricter regulations applied to internet gambling in the US, which made it challenging to locate a website that offered online poker. This has changed recently, though, as more states continue to approve legislation approving of online poker businesses.

New gambling-friendly regulations being established by US states are gradually bringing forth a genuine online poker industry since poker playing was once considered taboo and subject to laws that either prohibited or restricted such games. Residents have reacted favorably to the idea of regulated online poker, which aids in the market's further expansion.

Even in many states where online gambling (games of chance) is illegal, poker is considered a game of skill and therefore allowed. The recent unification of many US states under this liberal law is one of the most important events in this regard. For instance, players from Delaware and Las Vegas can participate in common online poker communities at this time. 

European Poker Houses are more Tolerant of Different Currencies

"Dollar or bust" is the American adage, and it seldom changes. This often implies that all travelers must exchange currency for all transactions. Players arriving by plane from other countries must exchange their local currencies for US dollars.

The poker atmosphere in Europe is friendlier in this regard. Nine states elected to keep using their own currencies despite the fact that the majority of EU nations employ the euro. Even though poker players from all around Europe congregate at some prestigious tournaments like the Unibet Open, the event's organizers are always willing to accept payments in any currency. This guarantees that all transactions involving chips and currency are handled efficiently. This certainly helps nudge the popularity of the game itself in the continent of Europe.

Poker is better Marketed in the US

In the US, poker seems to be marketed more effectively. Not only are certain high-stakes tournaments televised, but some professional poker players are celebrated like celebrities. Not only that, many celebrities are known for joining in at televised high-stakes tournaments as well. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is arguably the most watched poker tournament there is. Poker personalities like Dan Bilzerian don’t shy away from showing off their lavish lifestyles on social media and this undeniably attracts a lot of youngsters towards the game. 

The US is the Clear Winner

While poker is popular all over Europe, the US still comes out on top since it’s considered one nation and most studies compare nations to nations. A paper published in 2011 analyzed online poker data collected for a six months period between 2009 and 2010. It found that the USA was the biggest market by far with 1,428,823 active players and 650.5 million US$ net revenue. The data also revealed that nearly every fourth online real-money poker player was from the United States of America.

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