List of celebrities who admitted and suspected to have done a butt enhancement

  (photo credit: Doctor Ibrahim Askar)
(photo credit: Doctor Ibrahim Askar)

Interest in a fake butt has been on the steady incline for the past few years. Butts is now officially the new boobs in terms of the pop-culture aesthetic trend.

You probably know this – it is nothing new!

But still, some celebrities appear unwilling to open up and share about their presumed butts than those sharing their breast augmentation experiences.

One reason could be that a fake butt is easier to pass off or conceal as real. When their surgery becomes obvious, it may backfire tremendously for celebrities who deny it.

Irrespective of stigmatization, a few celebrities still go for BBL Turkey and butt implant, of which some have begun repping and owning their fake butts. So without further ado, the following are some of the celebrities who have admitted or are suspected of having done Brazilian butt lifts:

  1. Cardi B

In 2018, Cardi B revealed to GQ that before hitting big, she went for butt injections, which were done in a Queens Basement apartment, after spending around $790 for enhancement.

But according to Cardi B, the surgery procedure became a nightmare. She added that the pain was crazy, and the leak went on for about five days.

Cardi B’s case is simply a reminder of the significance of having an experienced medical expert carry out the procedure.

    2. Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is commonly known for having a few cosmetic procedures, with Kim Kardashian being the forerunner of this clan. However, Kim has refuted those claims. In fact, she went to greater lengths to denounce those rumors and even presented an x-ray of her buttocks to back her claims up.

Although Kim has denied claims of having a butt implant, she didn’t deny having a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift). A silicone implant can be visible in x-ray, though the BBL isn’t as it involves pumping fat of candidates into their butts. That is why it is suspected that Kim sought help from cosmetic injection and had a BBL.

    3. K. Michelle

The singer and, of course, Love & Hop Hop: Atlanta alum looks good nowadays. Though she was forced to go through four operations after being involved in an illegal silicone butt injection earlier in her career, which ruptured later.

Around four years ago, she announced to people that she started suffering from pain in her legs and back. This year, she starred in a reality series called ‘My Killer Body,’ where she revealed her plastic surgery struggles when helping other people overcome their negative experiences.

    4. Blac Chyna – the Bad Side

If one Kim Kardashian did a good job in being a mystique and coy about her amazing backside, another Kardashian (kind of an adopted member) has done it oppositely.

Chyna, a former rap video vixen, looks like she got herself into a butt implant misfortune. Her deflating implant fiasco is a good example of butt implants gone wrong. By looking at her pictures, her butt appears to be dropping. This leaves her backside deformed and sagging.

Final Remarks!

Although a couple of celebrities and world’s stars sport large derrieres, which seem not to be fitting with their frame, only a few have come clean that they have enhanced their butts, whether through BBL or butt injections. Some have also opened up about their desire for bigger buttocks, whereas others have had a bad experience with these procedures.

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