Live in Israel, Study in English

 (photo credit: JCT)
(photo credit: JCT)

The Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) offers exciting, high-level programs that combine academic excellence with passionate Torah learning and living. 

The JCT’s International Program offers young men and women the opportunity to study Torah in Israel while pursuing a prestigious academic degree in Computer Science or Business Administration in English. 

JCT has two separate campuses — Machon Lev for men and Machon Tal for women, each with their own learning center and dorm options, for singles as well as families.

On par with the Hebrew-speaking programs, the International Program offers a comprehensive dual curriculum that combines high-level academic studies with spiritually enriching Jewish studies and practical professional training. JCT’s committed religious environment makes it unique compared to other degree programs in Israel and around the world.

Machon Lev’s large central Beit Midrash is under the leadership of the Rosh Yeshivah, Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon. At the Tal Campus, the Midrasha covers the entire 6th floor of the main building and is under the leadership of Rabbi Yehonatan Oren. At both campuses, students study a range of Judaic topics with a devoted staff of rebbeim and teachers in the morning, and complete their academic courses in the afternoon. 

JCT offers one-on-one and group tutoring, as well as student counseling. Daycare options are available for students with children.

Following three intensive years of study, students emerge with a prestigious college degree and are prepared to embark on successful career paths within the framework of solid Torah values. 

After graduation, JCT’s dedicated staff make personal efforts to introduce students to potential employers through a wide network of alumni and professional connections, which often lead to key entry opportunities in students’ fields. With a 90% placement rate JCT has a great record in finding quality employment at  many of the top international hi-tech companies in Israel.

Tuition for JCT’s International program is very affordable – about NIS 10,000 a year. Tuition is completely covered for new olim under the Oleh Chadash Education Benefit, for those who qualify. JCT offers scholarships for needy students, with eligibility based on criteria such as army service, marital status, number of children, academic study and year of study.

Founded in 1969, JCT is of Israel’s major academic institutions with some 4,800 students on three campuses. The college specializes in high-tech engineering, industrial management, business administration and life and health sciences. As a Jewish religious institution, JCT maintains high-level Judaic learning as a part of all degree programs. JCT’s mission is to produce highly skilled professionals who possess a strong commitment to Jewish values, the Jewish people, and the State of Israel. 

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