Looking for an unusual outing with the kids? Have you tried escape rooms?

Your kids don’t want to go the playground or the pool again? So, maybe it's time to challenge the entire family in an unusual, refreshing and lively experience.

Escape Room is great family entertainment (photo credit: Courtesy)
Escape Room is great family entertainment
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Escape rooms have become the biggest hit in the entertainment industry in the last year. And if you happen to think that escape rooms are dark and not for the family – so you made a big mistake! According to data from Escape Room Israel, Israel's largest escape rooms network, in 2018, more than 60% of the groups that visited the chain's 25 escape rooms nationwide were families with children of different ages.
Escape Room is fun for children and adults / Courtesy
Escape Room is fun for children and adults / Courtesy
So, how does it work?
The goal in escape rooms is to leave the room and solve the various riddles after you have dealt with the mission in only 60 minutes. Each escape room has a unique story and a surprising plot of its own like in a movie, only that it happens in reality. And you are the main actors! For example, there is a Titanic escape room where you are locked in the engine room of the sinking ship and you have to find a way out. In the Prison Break room you play as prisoners in the most secure prison in the country, and in the Mossad Training escape room you can solve a real secret agents mystery. Your adventure in an escape room begins by choosing the room with the story you like the most.
You can book the room through the website or by telephone and the room is reserved exclusively for your team. Most rooms are suitable for groups of 2 to 6 players per room, but there are also rooms for large groups or identical double rooms where you can split into two groups and have the two groups compete against each other to see who leaves the room faster. So if you are a large family or a large group of friends there are great solutions for you as well.
In light of the great popularity of the rooms in Israel, it is recommended to book the time you want to play a few days in advance. The price of the game depends on the amount of players in the team, ranging from NIS 120 per person for 2 players to NIS 80 for a player with a group of 6 players or more, so it is definitely worthwhile to come in large groups.
Children under 6 can participate in a free game with at least 2 adults.
Apart from that, for JPost.com visitors, we arranged a discount of NIS 50, which can be applied to any of the Escape Room network's branches for groups of 3 or more players. Details at the end of the article.
Who is it for?
A prominent advantage in escape rooms over other attractions is that it is an activity in which both the children and the parents work together, and each of them during the game finds his or her opportunity to contribute to the joint task. Each escape room contains a large number of puzzles and logical tasks that do not require any prior knowledge, only simple logic, cooperation and attention to detail. And the main reason why escape rooms have become so popular all over the world - because it's a recreation that really fits everyone! You only have to choose who you want to take with: friends, siblings or cousins, family entertainment with children or make it a romantic experience for a couple. Escape rooms encourage creative "outside of the box" thinking, all the while developing cognitive skills, building self-confidence and the self-image of each participant, and teaching the players to listen to each other and work together to complete the task successfully.
In addition, in escape rooms, events can be held for large groups, such as birthday parties, corporate events and more.
Is the game difficult? Will we succeed?
Can you get out of the Escape Room? / Courtesy
Can you get out of the Escape Room? / Courtesy
So as we said, to be successful in escape room you do not need any prior knowledge. Besides, in most escape rooms you can choose different difficulty levels, from beginners groups who are doing their first game, to experienced groups who have already made dozens of trips to escape rooms (you'll be surprised, there are many, it's a very addictive pastime). In addition to choosing the difficulty level, a staff member of the room accompanies you all the time in the process. When you get to the game, he will tell you about each room, give you the safety rules and give important tips on how to behave in the room to be successful and enjoy your time there. Then he will watch you throughout the game with security cameras, offer help when necessary and you can ask him for clues at any time. The amount of clues is limited only to your ego, so even if you have no experience you can enjoy the game and solve all the puzzles. Of course, the more participants there are, the easier the game.
What are the opening hours and in which language can I play?
Escape rooms in Israel are usually open from morning until midnight, but you must always make a reservation before coming. Most of the rooms support Hebrew and English and are operated by staff who speak Hebrew and English. But there are certain rooms that can only be played in Hebrew, so it is always worth taking a look at the website or speaking with the call center.
Which escape room is recommended for our group?
So as with any popular activity, here too there is a lot of choice and everything depends on your preferences.
There are special escape rooms for couples, there are family escape rooms, there are rooms based on classic movies and also scary escape rooms for the daring only. There are escape rooms that emphasize the challenge of thought, original riddles and the deciphering of complex codes. There are rooms that emphasize an authentic atmosphere, a particularly invested setting and a surprising plot, and there are light and easy rooms where it's all about having fun. You only have to choose. What's more, when you start playing, you may well become addicted and you won't be able to stop.
We know people who have been in 100, 200 and 300 rooms ...
Well, we're coming! Do you have any deals on good rooms?
So as you have realized, escape rooms is a cool, challenging and unifying activity ... but not cheap, especially for a large family. But we managed to organize a special discount for JPost.com surfers for the Escape Room network - the largest network of escape rooms in Israel. Book a game for 3 or more players at the Escape Room network and get NIS 50 off the game.
The chain was founded in 2014 and today operates 26 escape rooms at the highest standards in Israel.
As of today, the chain has 15 escape room centers in Binyamina, Petah Tikva, Tel Aviv, Rishon Lezion, Jerusalem, Ashkelon, Beersheba and Eilat. The company has been operating for more than three years in the Israeli market, and during this period we've had thousands of corporate events, birthday parties, marriage proposals and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.
To order a room and for more details, click here.