Looking for quality and affordable storage for your personal belongings?

When you rent a large storage unit for your personal belongings, you also expect to get it back in perfect shape. How could we find such warehouse company?

  (photo credit: freepik)
(photo credit: freepik)

Our personal belongings are very precious to us and we try to keep them as the apple of our eye. Many of the objects have a sentimental value to us. It can be an expensive gift from a friend, an object of inheritance or a special piece of furniture that we bought with hard-earned money after a long period of saving.

Many times we get emotionally attached to our belongings. We do not like leaving our belongings unattended. Though there are times where we simply do not have a choice. Sometimes, a situation arises where we need to find effective temporary storage solutions to store our personal belongings. Situations such as house relocation, renovations or immediate evacuation, and many others do require our attention. Therefore, it is always good to have information about a storage company in the back of our mind, so when we do happen to require a storage unit, we know who to turn to. A small storage unit could really come a long way in emergency scenarios.

Ichsunkol: Everything you need in order to store your belongings

If you are searching for a reliable and experienced company who knows how to properly guard personal belongings, Ichsunkol is your go-to company. The company has been operating for many years with the goal of providing top-notch, quality services. Here all the reasons to contact Ichsunkol company:

  • The Perfect Private Place to Store Personal Belongings.

At Ichsunkol, we put great attention to the privacy of each and every customer, and thus ensure to provide a personalized key to every customer in order to access his/her personal belongings. The storage units are located in separate, individualized areas so that each customer has their own personal and private access. Therefore, if you have certain objects that you do not want to  be accessible to others, we will issue you an isolated storage unit so only YOU get access, at any time.

  • Affordable Prices Like You Have Never Seen Before.

Some of us really want to get a storage unit and highly consider the option but disregard the thought as they fear having to pay a large sum of money. But when the prices offered to you are affordable and cost-effective, there is no need to fear any more! At Ichsunkol, you will find exactly that. Favorable prices in exchange for storage services.

  • Well-Kept Warehouses

One of the more obvious factors you want to consider when looking for storage services is the conditions of the storage units. At Ichsunkol, you will find quality and clean warehouses, with no dust or mold. This is due to the frequent inspection that our warehouses receive by top-quality professionals. With that, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are well kept and stored safely.

  • Easy Access to Items.

When you rent a large storage unit for your personal belongings, you also receive a key to it. A personal key allows you to efficiently access the warehouse at a time that best suits you. You are free to take out objects and relocate them, move them to their new place of residence or place other objects in the warehouse. It is all yours!

  • Top-notch Service

The staff at Ichsunkol works hard to ensure above-and-beyond customer service. They are available to address all questions and concerns and are happy to receive your belongings with open arms, at any time. So, if you are interested in such a company, Ichsunkol is one for you. As soon as you reach out to Ichsunkol, you’ll know you are about to receive the highest quality service out there.

  • Orderly contract.

Ichsunkol is fully transparent with every single customer who decides to store their belongings with them. With that, each customer is ensured to receive a detailed contract that will clearly explain to the customer what he receives before signing. Because in a professional company, there are no secrets. Everything is transparent and clear.

  • Operate For The Good of The Customer.

In the professional storage company, you make sure to always set forth the good of the customer in the front line. For this reason, the professional staff at Ichsunkol are available to answer any question that the client may have and are always ready to address specific personal concerns.

  • Organized Insurance.

When leaving belongings in Ichsunkol warehouses, there is no need to worry about insurance. In a professional company that offers storage services, an insurance policy is provided alongside. The customer is welcome to choose the insurance policy that best suits them so that they feel safe to enjoy a quality and professional service experience.

  • Customer Courtesy.

Along with professionalism and long-standing experience in the field, nowadays there is a demand for courteous service. Nonetheless, when storing personal belongings at Ichsunkol warehouse, one gets all their inquiries addressed. The professional staff is courteous with every single client and makes him/her feel at home.

Personal Belongings Storage  - For Whom Is It Suitable?

There are various cases that will require the use of storage services. The service is suitable not only for individuals looking for a storage solution for their belongings, but for businesses as well. Business owners oftentimes have excess merchandise or merchandise that isn't in current use. Instead of disposing the goods or throwing away items of potential, a warehouse is the effective solution. Storage services in this case are especially suitable for new business owners who do not yet own a warehouse and are looking for an effective and quick storage solution.

How Should The Objects Inside The Warehouse Be Kept?

As mentioned earlier, the objects inside the warehouse are well preserved. The small, high-quality warehouses are suited to store all types of objects, even the most delicate ones. But if you are interested in decreasing risks and preventing your belongings from harm, you shall prepare in advance. For example, if you wish to store a piece of furniture, it is recommended to undo the parts and store them in small packages instead of placing the whole piece itself. Once taking the parts out of storage, it will be much easier for you to relocate the parts and assemble the furniture back again. Also, when it comes to electrical items, it is advisable to wrap them in special paper in order to keep safe until the next use. Other than that, if you happen to have many items for storage, it is best to arrange them in cases/boxes. That way you can obtain easy access, relocate them and pull them out at any given moment.

This article was written in cooperation with Ichsunkol company