Louis Cooke Provides 3 Dropshipping Tips to Make Your Shopify Store Successful

 (photo credit: LOUIS COOKE)
(photo credit: LOUIS COOKE)

It's inspiring to read the stories of successful people. You see them starting from zero to becoming an industry great. In the world of dropshipping, Louis Cooke's story shines above all else. He left his 9 to 5 job for dropshipping, in which he had only one week of experience.

Dropshipping is now a hot topic because it allows everyone to start their online business without capital. And the rules are pretty simple too. You just need to identify the niche of products you want to sell and build a dropshipping store. It seems easy, right? But how do you ensure that your target audience knows about your store? How will you increase your store's sales volume? These are some of the things that need prior planning. Today, Louis is here to help you with three tips that can make your dropshipping store successful.

1. Diverse product selection

According to Louis, the best way to make your dropshipping store stand out is to provide a diverse product selection to your audience. People love to use a one-stop-shop for everything they need. Moreover, you can promote your products on other websites also. This is similar to the entrepreneurs who advertise self-made goods. 

For example, if you sell mobile phones in your store, you can promote the same items on third-party review sites by providing their information. This means a single application will do multiple jobs without you requiring to oversee all the heads individually.

2. Connect with more suppliers

Suppose you start your dropshipping store with a handful of suppliers. The moment your business makes a significant profit, you see many more suppliers wanting to work with you. But this isn't possible overnight. Hence, Louis suggests you use some of the latest dropshipping apps to connect with more suppliers. Many entrepreneurs complain that they can't partner with new suppliers because they don't know the system. Well, thanks to Louis, you now have a solution to that problem.

Louis believes that finding suppliers is equally important as promoting your business. This helps you meet increased demands during the holidays, for example. Many dropshipping apps curate high-quality suppliers according to different niches. Find your niche and contact the nearby suppliers to prepare your store for a potential increase in demand.

3. Expedite the checkout process

Customers love two things when they visit an online store: user-friendliness and an easy checkout process. Imagine you buy something from an online store. You fill out your details, such as name, contact number, email, and address, while checking out. After a few days, you revisit the store to buy something else. Would you like to fill out the same details again? No, you won't. Your customers would also feel the same way.

When someone asks Louis to build a dropshipping store, he usually provides two options: Buy Now and Add to Cart. This allows customers to continue shopping if they want to buy more than one product. He also adds a "Remember My Details" checkbox on the checkout page. If customers check that box, they won't need to fill out the same details the next time they purchase something.

It's not easy to achieve the success that Louis did in a week. But you can certainly beat your competitors and be the next big thing in the dropshipping industry if you learn the ins and outs of the industry, monitor your progress, and make adjustments where necessary.