Made Man Skincare Becomes A Favorite Of Athletes And Celebrities Alike

 (photo credit: JEREMY GARDNER)
(photo credit: JEREMY GARDNER)

Skincare is a huge industry in the U.S., yet out of the 30 billion dollars, only 122 million was attributed to men’s skincare in 2018. Fast-moving cryptocurrency entrepreneur Jeremy Gardner was able to identify this market gap after facing difficulties with his own skincare. He ascertained that most skincare brands targeted women, and the products that were gender-neutral were not suitable for his lifestyle, or that of the average man. This was due largely in part to the multitude of options on the market that had burdensome regimens.

Gardner applied his entrepreneurial skillset to tackle this problem, developing a skincare solution with the help of world-class chemists and dermatologists. He created his skincare company MadeMan in 2019, with the goal to simplify skincare for men like himself. Gardner and Loretta Ciraldo, a Harvard-trained expert, looked at various skincare products on the market that had arduous regimens, deciding to ultimately create a product that had foundational principles of simplicity and functionality. Gardner wanted to revolutionize the way men approach skincare, creating an easy two-step system for men who wanted to become the optimal version of themselves. The Re(Set) Collection is comprised of The Resetter—a facial cleanser that doubles as a shaving cream—and The Refresher—a CBD-infused 6-in-1 moisturizer with digital light protection, anti-aging benefits, and anti-inflammatory qualities. His collection is the perfect solution for the modern man, offering an easy-to-use product that men could make great utility of.

Gardner notes that men want to do everything in their power to look good, from buying nice clothes, exquisite jewelry, and exotic cars- neglecting their main feature that leaves a lasting impression, their face. He strongly desires for men to invest in their face, with MadeMan, they can easily facilitate this process with the skincare line’s simplistic, accessible, and affordable products.

Many of Gardner’s ventures have a philanthropic component, and MadeMan doesn’t deviate from his other ventures by donating a portion of proceeds to the non-profit Defy Ventures. The non-profit teaches incarcerated individuals the skills required to being an entrepreneur, as Gardner believes that it is never too late to be a MadeMan.