Magen David group is the world's only jewish human rights organization located in a Muslim country

  (photo credit: David Seliverstov)
(photo credit: David Seliverstov)

For ages, the Azerbaijani and Jewish people have lived in peace, mutual understanding, maintaining close ties enforced by cultural exchange. The desire for mutual understanding and cooperation was rooted in time and continues to this day. Azerbaijan Republic is renowned for its multicultural and multi-religious environment, where different faiths and ethnic groups peacefully coexist, prosper, and respect each other.

The Jewish community of Azerbaijan possesses full attention and care of the State, which creates a favorable atmosphere for the Jewish population in the country. Republic of Azerbaijan demonstrates a high level of tolerance and respect for various religious and ethnic groups, including the Jewish community. Needless to say that in said direction, immense contributions have been made by Magen David Group, the first and only Jewish human rights organization in a Muslim country.

What makes “Magen David Group” unique.

The organization created by David Seliverstov with the help of the head of the Working Group of Azerbaijani-Israeli Inter-Parliamentary Relations Rafailov Anatoliy, was intended to support and develop the Jewish community with Its main goal being to strengthen cultural heritage and improve the lives of Jews in Azerbaijan through various projects and programs. To achieve its goals, “Magen David Group” strongly cooperates with other local as well as international organizations, while also attracting funding from private donors and government authorities for said causes.

The story of David Seliverstov and his organization has become a symbol of progress and opportunity for the Jewish community in Azerbaijan.  Achievements of Magen David Group not only strengthen the position of the Jewish community, but also serve as an example for other minorities and communities striving for their development and recognition. Their story has shown time and time again, that regardless of background and cultural background, everyone can succeed and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Goals and objectives of “Magen David Group

The primary goal of Magen David Group is and always has been to create a safe, non-discriminatory environment for Jews in Azerbaijan, where they can freely preserve their cultural heritage and traditions, as well as create grounds to strive in all aspects of daily life.

The organization tackles several problems at once:

  1. Protection of rights and freedoms of Jews: The Organization actively monitors observance of the rights of the Jewish community in Azerbaijan and fights against any manifestations of anti-Semitism or discrimination.
  2. Promoting tolerance and interfaith cooperation: Magen David Group conducts activities aimed towards raising awareness of Jewish culture and history, as well as promoting tolerance and understanding between different religious and ethnic groups in Azerbaijan.
  1. Promoting social inclusion: Magen David Group assists the Jewish community in Azerbaijan in the process of social adaptation and integration. The Organization provides various programs and services to support migrants, refugees and emigrants from Jewish communities in other countries. Magen David Group also actively assists with obtaining legal statuses, employment, education and access to medical services.
  1. Education: "Magen David Group" constantly cooperates with public and government organizations, as well as educational institutions, to promote the spread of knowledge about Jewish culture and history. The Organization conducts educational programs, lectures and cultural events that promote mutual understanding, respect and cooperation between the Jewish community and other ethnic and religious groups.

"Magen David Group", since its inception continues to play a key role in protecting the rights of the Jewish community in Azerbaijan and contributes to the creation of a harmonious and respectful society where each person can freely express their faith and identity. The Organization actively operates at government, law enforcement agency and civil society levels to ensure equality, security and well-being of the Jewish community and all residents of Azerbaijan.

In Azerbaijan's dynamic and multiethnic society, Magen David Group remains a shining example of how unity and solidarity can overcome differences and promote justice. They continue to fight for their beliefs, directing their energy and passion to protect the rights and dignity of every individual.

Magen David Group doesn’t only protect Jewish heritage and rights in Azerbaijan, but also serves as an example and inspiration for all who strive to create a just and inclusive society, where everyone can live and prosper freely and safely, regardless of their faith or nationality.

This article was written in cooperation with Tarlan Hasanbayov