Managing risk & compliance changes with Shruti Sridhar

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Risk management and compliance are crucial for organizations to maintain stability and success. As the business world continues to evolve, the risk landscape also changes, making it challenging for businesses to keep up with the latest regulations and emerging technologies. In this constantly changing environment, some individuals, such as Shruti Sridhar, have mastered the art of staying up-to-date with the latest developments. As a risk management and compliance expert, Shruti has extensive experience in all three lines of defense in risk management and a deep understanding of business risks and compliance regulations. 


Shruti Sridhar is a name synonymous with risk management and compliance expertise. Her journey began as a consultant at Deloitte Advisory, where she focused on internal audit analytics. This is where she discovered her love for this domain and decided to pursue it further. 

Today, she has risen to the top of the risk management and compliance industry, with extensive experience in all three lines of defense in risk management and a deep understanding of business risks and compliance regulations. Shruti's success story is a testament to her passion and dedication to mastering her craft.

Overcoming the fast-paced industry

Risk management and compliance can be daunting, but for Shruti Sridhar, it's just another challenge to conquer. As an expert in the industry with years of remarkable experience, Shruti has encountered many obstacles in keeping up with the latest regulations and emerging technologies. Through her insights and strategies, she has become a master of staying ahead of the curve. 

Shruti emphasizes the importance of staying informed through industry newsletters and attending conferences. She stresses the need for proactivity, flexibility, and the ability to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty to overcome the field's challenges. Additionally, Shruti places great importance on developing an understanding of emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain, and Autonomous Driving Systems, which can help organizations better identify and mitigate risks.

Communicating errors and motivators

Shruti Sridhar's expertise in risk management and compliance goes beyond just keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of regulations and emerging technologies. As part of her job, she must also identify and report errors in business processes or products, which can be difficult. However, Shruti has perfected the art of communicating errors in a way that does not appear unfavorable to the receiver, especially if the receiver is executive level. 

Despite the hurdles, there are many motivators in the field of risk management and compliance that keep individuals like Shruti driven. These include the challenge, variety, importance, and satisfaction of the work, knowing that their efforts help organizations avoid costly mistakes and protect their reputation. With her extensive expertise and innovative solutions to mitigate risks, Shruti Sridhar is a true asset to the field of risk management and compliance.

Crediting her success to her own abilities

Shruti Sridhar's impressive credentials in the field and her attitude of continuous learning shaped her ability to stay ahead of the curve despite the constantly changing technological and business environments. As an expert in all three lines of defense in risk management, Shruti emphasizes the importance of staying informed, being proactive, and adapting to change. Her ability to communicate errors constructively and her insights into the motivators that keep professionals in the field engaged make her an exceptional role model.

With technology becoming more pervasive in all areas of modern life, the secure and efficient functioning of critical business operations has become a top priority. To ensure this, risk management and compliance experts like Shruti Sridhar are playing an increasingly important role. These experts are tasked with navigating the constantly evolving technological landscape and ensuring that vital processes are able to function smoothly and securely.

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