Mark Hull: The secret to success is doing something that excites you every day

  (photo credit: Mark Hull)
(photo credit: Mark Hull)

When striving for success, the apparent move may be to follow a predictable path. A path that others have driven before to pave the way to success. But, as poet Robert Frost taught us all, “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” As such, building a business or establishing yourself as an entrepreneur can be a daunting and uncertain yet advantageous phase of your life. Often, venturing into the unknown is the only way to discover your true potential. 

Top criminal defense lawyer and Austin, Texas entrepreneur Mark Hull believes your greatest successes, both personal and commercial, can be found by pursuing what energizes and inspires you with intense drive and no fear. “Something I have seen so much of over the years,” says Mark, “is people with fantastic business ideas who are too scared to act on those dreams. They let fear crowd out their initiative and lose the ambition that might have resulted in a successful enterprise.”

According to Hull, pursuing your passion is the fundamental component to achieving your potential and living a fulfilling, meaningful life. Investing in our interests frequently takes us away from the well-worn path society has set out for us. However, Mark believes we sometimes need to leave behind the predictable to experience the incredible. As a criminal defense lawyer, he shares that the ever-changing environment of the courtroom and the unique details of each case keep him excited, committed, and interested in his chosen career. This excitement is fueled by Hull’s belief that there are no blueprints for the legal profession. There is a balance between being an exceptional lawyer and using your skills to build a financially successful law firm. Hull recalls that some of the best advice he ever received was to turn his firm into a brand and be highly visible. The result of that advice is a firm with unprecedented success and growth.

For Mark Hull, pursuing his interest in Law resulted in incredible personal success and encouraged the establishment of his highly successful law firm in Austin, Texas. Hull started this firm at the tender age of 25, and it is now regarded as one of America’s preeminent criminal defense firms. Since it was first founded, The Hull Firm has brought legal expertise and support to those in the Travis, Hays, and Williamson Counties, specializing in dealing with DWI arrests. For almost two decades, The Hull Firm has stood as a testament to Mark Hull’s love of the law and his desire to help a diverse range of clients overcome a myriad of legal issues. In his line of work, Mark Hull works with people from all walks of life. The client must come first, and he tailors his brand to focus on impacting each individual. Hull acknowledges that every case is different, and what may be a priority to one client does not matter to another one, which demonstrates the dynamic nature of his work. He prides himself on his ability to connect with every client personally and cater to their specific needs. This customized approach is Hull’s sincerest passion and drives him to keep building and expanding.  He describes the law as a constantly shifting environment that generates excitement in his work.

This excitement fuels finesse in the courtroom that can only come from experience as it cannot be learned in a classroom. The strategy to this legal success is “selling” a client and himself to a jury; a skill Mark developed through his business ventures. Mark Hull’s entrepreneurial streak is on full display in a courtroom, and he has an undeniable penchant for persuasion. Not only can he connect with his clients, but he can also connect with jurors. This natural ability has helped The Hull Firm evolve into not just one of the highest-grossing criminal law firms in Texas but one of the most high-profile organizations in the legal industry. 

Given his immense success, it's easy to believe Mark Hull lives and breathes only the law. However, he believes that years of education and monetary investment can only get you so far, and the most significant achievements will only be found by turning your passion into your purpose. Mark Hull says, “Personal success lies within discovering how to build your profession upon the foundation of your greatest passions. Diversify your interests and pursue what captures your attention and motivates you to drive forward.” He points to his passion for exotic cars, his love of music, and his appreciation for luxury art collecting, which enrich his life and keep each day new and exciting. It is the very embodiment of the adage go big or go home.

A significant component of entrepreneurship is taking risks, but pursuing what excites you most can sound like a precarious proposition. Mark Hull believes that when you follow your passion and fill every day with things that energize and motivate you, your willingness and determination will be rewarded by discovering the true secrets of success.

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